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Think for a second. Life is really like facebook. Some people come around to like your problems. You may be wondering why you will share a problem and all some people can do is to like it. You may say someone has just died but they will like the post. Put up another problem and they will like it. Others will come around to comment on your problems without preferring any solution. They can talk about it as long as they want to. In fact, just expect an epistle from them about your problems. They will say so much but none of what they say will be close to or look like the solution.
There are those who will not tell you that they like your problems and they will not comment on it but they will share your problems easily. Sharing other people’s problems is fun for them. It keeps them busy and probably makes them look good to some other people. You also have the onlookers who will come around, look at your problems and pictures and just go away.
You are the one who who has the major responsibility of solving your problems. If you are serious about getting things resolved then you need to know that throwing it in the public space is not your solution. You have to talk about what you are going through that is not convenient but not to everyone. Why is that? It is because not everyone cares! You think those people care or you expect them to care but they don’t. It does not matter what you are going through as far as they are concerned.
Remember that some of the people you are even trying to share your problems with are people who have similar or worse problems. A few of them are good at spreading the problems and making it look bigger. You should never put yourself in the public space in an unworthy manner. Rather than get things out of the way you will notice that the problems are being compounded.
Talk to serious minded people only about your challenges. Seek solutions from those who are known to always try as much as they can to help other people without running them down. It’s important you reduce and not compound your problems with the least attention you can possibly draw to it.
If everyone will go public with their challenges you will be amazed at how many people have the kind of problems you cannot imagine. You think you have a problem? Wait till you hear the stories of other people. Some people don’t just talk about it but others quietly solve it. It does make make sense to talk about the problem publicly only after you have gone through it and you need to encourage someone with that experience.
When you share the problems you have had and how you went through it, it connects with the hearts of the people. It makes sense to their minds. They find something useful to hold unto and run with in their lives. It will give strength to many and it can just be the only reason some will dare to hope and try again. But when you put current problems out there in the public space, you just might make yourself a laughing stock.
Don’t forget, life is like facebook. Some people like, comment on and also share your problems without offering solutions. Finding the real solution is your personal responsibility and should be done with the least attention possible.

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