Life is sometimes like traffic | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When many of us get on the road, we want to get to our destination quickly and we begin to drive as fast as we can so that we can get to those places early. There are times when we are able to make it to our destination within a short time and at other times, because of other road users, it is a bit difficult to get to our destination within the expected time. That’s exactly the picture of our lives
You may get on the road and expect the road to be free. When you start the journey, everything seems okay so you start driving very fast only for you to get to a point and you see hundreds of cars ahead of you. You become disappointed and you have to slow down. At that point, you don’t have a choice but to wait behind all the hundreds of cars and start moving slowly.
In some cases, the traffic can be for a short period and in some others you can be in that traffic for several hours. This is what also happens in real life. This is what we go through as human beings. When we hit the road of life, we want to become great so quickly. There are so many plans in our hearts and there are loads of ideas we are working on. We want those ideas to become realities in a very short while.
After going through those ideas for a while, we start seeing the traffic caused by money or some government policies and several other things in life. We are forced to slow down and just wait in the traffic until the things ahead of us begin to move one after the other.
One thing that we mostly do in the road traffic that some people don’t do in the traffic of life is what surprises me. When we hit the road and there is traffic, some people automatically adjust their mindset. They prepare themselves to go through the traffic for as long as it lasts because where they are going is very important to them. Nearly all the people in the traffic have the option of making a U-turn but they hardly do because where they are going is important. So the traffic can continue for two hours or more and they will be there.
Unfortunately in the traffic of life, as soon as we start seeing the slow movement in our lives we begin to turn back. We start shouting ‘nothing is working. Everything is hard. The life is terrible. There is no one to help. Why are people like this?’ We say all sorts of things. We don’t have the patience to wait in the traffic of life in order to get to our desired destination or to become who we really want to become. But when we are driving a car to go see a friend, we can stay in the traffic for hours.
You need to be reminded that the traffic on the road, no matter how long it takes, will eventually clear and you can resume driving at top speed or least get to where you are going. It is the same with the traffic of life. If only you don’t turn back on sighting any slow movement, you may have to wait for something for months or years but eventually, the traffic of life will also clear away! Then you will get to where you are going in life.
I just want to encourage you not to turn back again each time you see the traffic of life because when you do, you will always have to start all over. When you start all over, there will be traffic again. Are you going to turn back? How many times will you turn back? Just hang on in there because this traffic that’s holding you back in life will so clear!

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