Limitation is limited imagination | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Limitation is limited imagination | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
I recently looked at the word imagination and decided to break it into two words so I got limited and imagination. When you look around you today and you see anything that looks like a limitation you may discover that the limitation is there because of limited imagination and not for any other reason. It therefore implies that if we have to break or exceed our limitations we must first take the limit off our imaginations.
When your imagination is limited then your life is automatically limited and nothing will happen for any man beyond what he can conceive in his mind. I was once in a meeting where we were talking about love and the people there did talk about loving people equally. I agree we should love people equally but I also pointed out that people will still not get the same measure of love from us despite the fact that we have the capacity to love them equally. My illustration was a case where four people are probably to collect four oranges each from me. The first person comes and says, I want an orange. He gets one because thats what he requested! Then the second person comes and says, I want two oranges. He gets two because thats what he requested. None of the four people who are entitled to four oranges could ask for four oranges because they did not imagine that they could get four oranges! Was it that I did not have the capacity of give them four oranges? No! Did anyone ask, how many am I entitled to? No!
In this illustration there are two things to pick out. The first is that nobody dared to ask for more and the truth really is that you will not ask from life anything more than what is in your imagination. The second is that nobody asked, how many am I entitled to? The question was very important because the kind of questions we ask will determine the limits of our imagination. When we ask the right questions and get the right answers, we often expand our thinking and with the expanded thinking we can get more out of life.
In case you have been experiencing limitations in some areas of your life, you need to remember that, according to Fola Daniel Adelesi, limitation is limited imagination and one important thing you need to do right away is to break the limits of your imagination in order to expand your coasts. If you think all you can get out of life is a high school degree thats all you will get. If you think you can barely get a job because of the situation then it will be according to your thinking. When you think things are really hard you will begin to see more of the reasons they are hard. When you say people cannot be trusted then you will keep meeting those kind of people who cannot be trusted.
Life has abundance but not everybody in life will get the abundance because not everybodys imagination can access the abundance. If you will get more out of life then work very hard on your capacity to imagine big things and to keep those pictures in your mind until the pictures become your reality.
The way to expand your imagination is to constantly learn more by reading more and listening more to positive minded people and big thinkers who do not only sweet talk but have results for some of the things they are talking about.
Your limits can be taken off but they have to be taken first from your imagination!
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