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As human beings, we are sometimes like the pilot in an aircraft receiving instructions from the control tower. Our control towers are inside us and from time to time we get some instructions that may not even be solicited. The good part is that some people listen and the bad part is that because the instructions are often unsolicited, many neglect them. Like a pilot receiving instructions from the control tower and refusing to obey, we risk the possibility of a crash and when we listen, we save ourselves from unnecessary stress and in some cases, avoidable accidents.
This morning as I drove through the busy streets of Lagos for an appointment, I turned on the radio and heard the experience of a young man about listening to the inner voice. He said he had gotten some cash the previous day and thought about taking the cash to the bank. As he was going out that morning he wanted to take the cash with him then he heard a voice within him asking him not to take the cash. He obeyed and dropped the cash at home. A few minutes later he boarded a bus and someone from the bus, after alighting, I think, claimed that he had misplaced some amount of money and pointed accusing fingers at this young man who decided to drop his cash at home. The person who was pointing the accusing finger insisted on searching him because he concluded it was this man that had taken the money. By the time they searched him, they did not find any money on him and that was how the air was cleared.
The young man phoned in to share the experience on radio and was asking, ‘what if I had taken that money that I dropped?’ it was in the public that he was accused. In some cases there could be a mob action and he would have been beaten before he gets the chance to say that he actually has his own money and brought it from home. Who would have defended him was another question he asked? Even if his family members believed him, something would still have gone wrong.
There are many other cases of those who have saved themselves a lot of stress by just listening to the inner voice and you too can save yourself from accidents, false accusations, landing in jail or any other thing by listening to the inner voice. We hear it all the time but we probably do not listen because it sounds so simple and probably gentle. For most people, it does not even make sense.
Sometimes you would have been in a situation where you say, ‘my mind told me not to go out but I refused. Look at what I am facing now.’ I remember when I was in school, there were situations when a student would say, ‘my mind told me not to come but I did and now the lecturer did not come.
Your mind works for you in order to protect you so you have to allow it do the right work it was created to do. And I think it is your mind that connects with the unseen world to give you instructions that can save you from things in the future.
Remember, your inner voice is not a fluke! Listen to it!
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