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Every product was designed with an instruction for the user of the product and since I am a product of Gods breathe, there are instructions by which I must live to be able to function properly in the generation I am supposed to serve. We all came here as products to serve a purpose and we cannot serve that purpose if we are not getting instructions regarding the how we are supposed to function.
When you take a look at some people you can say, like some products do, that they are malfunctioning and that’s for a very simple reason. When a product is being put to use without following the instructions under which it is expected to be used then the product is expected to malfunction. That is the case with a lot of people today because we are trying to function in this world without getting the instructions by which we are supposed to function.
You may be wondering how you are supposed to get the instructions that should help you function properly or who gives the instructions! God obviously gives the instruction and He does that in different ways at different times but it is absolutely our responsibility to make efforts to recognize the instructions and take to them for us to function properly. In some cases we may just we may just be walking and there are thoughts going on in our minds but something will just stand out at one point of the thought process. We may not seem to know exactly where it came from but its just clear that the statement stands out and it has to do with what we can do or should do not either get to where we are going or to make life better for some other people. That primarily happens because the Bible has already told us, you will hear a voice saying this is the way walk ye in it.
God is with us all the time and is will to make our journey easier by telling us what to do but he will never force us to listen to him. You may just walk into a store and there’s a tape in front of you. Its possible you feel like picking the tape and you don’t seem to have any logical reason for desiring that tape but when you start listening you realize it has loads of information for the next phase of your life.
One thing you always have to do is to have your ears tuned properly so that in the middle of the noise that the world has created and conveniently lives with, you can still get instructions for your life regarding how you are supposed to live and how you are going to function properly in the places where you have been positioned.
Too many people have woken up on daily basis to try their hands on different things in the bid to find what works! You don’t have to go around trying to look for what works! All you need to do is to synchronize with God and just walk with your lifes instructions to save yourself a lot of stress and agony! Get instructions, get empowered and function properly with what you’ve got.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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