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I sometimes go to places and when I talk the listener may say, you just sounded like someone they know very well They don’t actually mean that I am trying to talk like that person but each time anyone says that to me I really understand why it happens. Often times the people they say I sounded like are people I have listened to over and over again so there just might be a part of them that has come into me.
One of the first few successful steps that I have ever taken in my life was to listen to successful people on different subjects. In a number of cases I listen to them not only because they are successful but because they know how to communicate the successes they have to others! There are so many people out there who cannot explain their successes even though it was legitimate. There people who are going through stuff and they really want to hear someone talk to them about how to go through it without crashing at the end of the day.
Maybe I should make it straight and just have in bullets why should listen so here we go: -You have to listen to be more informed
-Listening helps you understand peoples challenges
-You can find solutions to your own issues from what others say. -Listening can develop your mind
-How you turn out depends on what you listen to
-Listening to people ahead of you in a field shortens your journey because you don’t have to make the same mistakes again and you can avoid some of the things they tried that did not work.
-If they ever told you something did not work, you may know ahead of time why it did not work.
At my humble level I can say that I have listened to some people in the last ten years and I am beginning to replicate their successes in my own life. I do not mean that I was all out to try to achieve exactly what they have achieved but what I wanted was to be able to do my job effectively so I have listened to their challenges and their stories of failures. I have heard how some people told the people I listen to about why certain things they wanted to do would not be possible. I have also consistently heard about their reaction when anyone uses the word impossible around them.
I must say I have come to find out that listening is not ordinary because a lot of things are going into your subconscious mind and when you get into different situations in life, the things you have listened to consistently will be all you have to fall back on. What that implies is that if you have listened to the wrong things all the time then the information reserve you are drawing from will be giving you something that takes you in the wrong direction.
In your listening exercises I should say that you must listen to what is useful, what has substance and what will take you to where you are going in life. It just might be easier to succeed in life if you listen to successful people especially because they have gone through what you are going through and can tell you how to go through it. Start listening to successful people whose stories can take you to where you are going!
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