Live your own life | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Live your own life | Fola Daniel Adelesi
Every time when I hear some people talk I realize they are living their lives to please someone else and they are not doing what they would really love to do. When they started out in life they wanted to become the kind of man that others would admire having proffered solutions through services rendered but somewhere along the line, a friend or relative comes in and tells them something else. The friend tells them about how many people have failed and how many people are still failing. If the friend is not talking about how many people have failed the friend might be talking about the challenges of stepping out of comfort zones to do something really unique that will pay off at the end of the day.
How many peoples dreams are you living instead of your own dreams? How many peoples lives are you living instead of your own life? How many peoples visions are you going to run with instead of your own vision? Someone tells you that something will not work because he has tried it and it is not working even if the right principles were not applied and you took that hook, line and sinker! You began to accept the limitations of other people as your limitations.
Have you ever asked yourself why people are asking you to do what they never did? A number of times we dont even care to check if the people who are advising us are doing what they are advising us to do. Even when they are doing what they are advising us to do it is still important to check if they are turning out well. One person can do something and it may be mediocrity for that person but he is satisfied. Because he is satisfied with the mediocrity he also expects you to come and do what he or she is doing so you unknowingly join the chain of mediocrity.
My dear, take a quick life check right now and see if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing or what you really feel fulfilled doing. Ask yourself if you are living your dreams or the dreams of another person. If people are asking you to become something why dont they become what they want you to become?
What you must always realize is that when you do what others ask you to do instead of going after your true dreams, you will be too old to follow your dreams by the time you realize you dont like what you are doing! At that time you are the one who will live with the regrets of doing what you really didnt want to do. The person who asked you to go in that direction may or may not be in any regret!
If you do not want to start counting regrets in your old age you have to watch your decisions now! Be sure they are what you really want and not what someone else wants for you. You own your life and you really have to live if for yourself and not for someone else! When you live life for yourself it becomes easier to enjoy it however I must say that you should not live life without guidance.
With that you may begin to ask, are these people who are telling me what to do not trying to guide me? Theres a whole lot of difference between being guided and being controlled. When someone is guiding you it will be a matter of helping you to way your choices but the one who is controlling you wants you to do something at all cost regardless of the fact that it is not what you really want to do.
Ultimately you will realize that it is your life but to be satisfied in life you want do it according to your own plans because regrets cannot be transferred! You can only transfer blames!
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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