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Absolute freedom is the greatest bondage that any man can ever get either forcefully or naturally. While asking for freedom I think so many people end up asking for too much of it and nearly forget that when we have too much freedom we also lose some other things. One of the greatest things we can lose while craving for too much freedom is our accountability to some other people. No man who will become great in life should ever become so free that he will not have to account for his life.
To account for your life does not mean that you do not have a life of your own but it does mean that there are checks and balances you have put in place for yourself in order not to go astray. Some people do not want to account for their lives because they feel that it takes their freedom away. Some others feel only children should be doing that. There are those who also feel that others simply have no business knowing what’s going on in their lives and should not bother about them.
It is absolutely dangerous to be around anyone who is not accountable in any way to others. And you as an individual must never grow so big that you do not account for the things you do or the way you live your life. There are some people you need to be accountable to. The list may be more that what I have but it must include these:
1. Parents – While under the tutelage of your parents, one of the ways you can honour them is to be accountable to them over some things in your life. You have to be answerable, as we say, to them and they should be able to call you to order.
2. Mentor – There should be coaches that guide you. They tell you where you can go or not go to. When you are accountable to these coaches, they eventually help you live a productive life.
3. Spouse – Well I think you need to know that if you are look for a lasting marriage, you must be accountable to your spouse. It helps your bond and increases trust. You should never do the things that you cannot say and confidently talk about.
4. Children – Yes, at some point parents too will become accountable to their own children if they do not want to become useless and despised in old age. Parenting is not about bossing children around. There’s a part of it that has to do with sharing your life openly with them.
5. Leaders – Where you are not accountable to any leader you should never dream of leading other people. It is leadership that brings order into any system. Following a leader and being accountable to them also opens you up to becoming a leader sometimes soon.
6. Yourself – Sounds funny? Yes, you have to be accountable to yourself. Don’t do things without records. Sometimes there will be no one to call you to order but you have to call yourself to order. Try and give an account of your daily life in a note pad or diary. It could be your spending habit or the impact you are making on people that you choose to record. Have a record of something in your life and let there be visible reports of progress.
7. God – He created us and gives us breath on daily basis. It was for a purpose that we were sent into this world and we have to give an account of how our lives were spent here on earth.
Why should you be accountable to others?
1. You don’t know it all and it will be foolish to do without guidance.
2. We all need some form of control no matter how mature or old we are.
3. It’s one of the proven ways to build trust in our relationship with others.
4. Being accountable is one of the signs of humility in us.
5. Accountability is a great sign of willingness to grow.
6. Others can give you their platforms or help you up when you are accountable to them.
7. Being accountable helps our productivity. Others can show us how to or help us become better people.
I should say that to be accountable means you are so plain to these people mentioned above about anything going on in your life. You are open to rebuke from them and you are not going to let your ego get in the way of advice from them. More importantly, they are also the people who can call you to order when you are getting close to your excesses.
You should not go about like a loose dog without an owner that’s just roaming every street. That’s the perfect description for someone who is not accountable to anyone. You and I also know that a loose dog can be run over by any vehicle or get killed by someone for any reason without anyone caring!
Make the most of your life and start by being accountable to other people and even to yourself!

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