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Amongst many others, one of the things I am very passionate about is to see people live the lives they ought to be living. I want to see them recognize their potentials; discover their purpose; link those potentials with purpose and fulfil purpose in life. That means there has to be a dream and your life is about living it to become a fulfilment of that dream.
Can I start by asking you what your dream is and what do you want to do in life? Where are you going in life? Who do you want to become? Let’s assume that you can just be a child and see and adult already achieving his dreams. That adult is you in the future. What kind of adult would you want to see? What will that person be doing and where will that person be going to.
If we don’t sort the issue of what dreams we need to pursue in life them we just might be running around like chickens without focus. I think that life is too short for us to be running around like chickens without focus. We have to sit and decide how we are going to be part of this life that we are in. How are we going to deliberately impact the lives of the people around us with the works of our hands?
For those who have already found their dreams, what are you doing to make sure that the dream is fulfilled? Are there things that you are committed to right now that can guarantee the fulfilment of the dream? Even if your dream looks very big, the only way to achieve the dream is to work towards it in small bits and live the dream daily.
Some people ask me how I am able to write almost every day and put something on my blogs. I told them that it is not something that is so easy to do. There are times I feel so tired. I know that if I dare turn on my laptop to write or turn on the tablet to write I will not get much out of myself. It’s easier to go to bed and forget about writing for that day but then I remember where I am going in life. It strikes me that my activity today is not for a goal in my heart for today. It’s for a goal in my heart in the future.
If I am going to achieve that goal in my heart for the future then one of the things I must do, regardless of choice, interest and time or available strength is for me to stay committed to writing today. I decided to come up with a strategy that can keep my writing consistent. The first thing was to have a writing plan. I also kept notes of several topics coming to my mind. I forced myself to write more often. As I compelled myself to write more often, it became easier to pour out the words that I wanted to whenever I wanted to do so.
We all have something that we can do daily either in a little way or in a big way to make sure that the dreams of our hearts move from just thoughts to reality. It is when you have started doing something daily, no matter how small, that you can say you are living the dream daily. The dream becomes a part of you. When you wake up you are thinking about the dream. When you go to bed you are thinking about the dream. You are constantly looking for ways to give life to the dream.
Some people have already said that after dreaming you need to wake up to reality. It is time to wake up to your reality and when you wake up, don’t start talking about how many things are against your dreams or the many others who have had a dream and have failed. Should it matter how many others failed? Think more about getting your own dream out of the womb and to deliver it safely.
No matter how big the dreams are, there is a way around and it can be achieved. However, if you must achieve the dream you need to be living the dream daily.     

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