Look at the input of successful people, not just result | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

While I admit that the results of great or successful men can be a morale booster for the things we are doing, it sometimes can be misleading. There are too many people who are looking only at the results of successful people and they are not looking at their input.
I remember that as a student in high school, some of our teachers kept scolding us when we failed some of their subjects. They would rant about how they worked very hard to impart knowledge and how some other students were making straight As. This went on for a while until a few of us understood what the straight A students did in order to succeed.
The teachers in those days were showing us the results of those other students and they expected that would work for us rather than showing us their input. Maybe they would have gotten better results from their students if only they showed inputs to their students rather than results.
That is what life is also doing to us or what many of us are doing to ourselves. We keep looking at the results of other people and have no idea how they got what they got. When you want things to work for you like they are working for others, you have to get into the details of what they did to achieve what they achieved.
To look at someone’s results and not look at their input is to set yourself up for failure or frustration in life. So many young people out there say they have someone as their mentor and that they are following in the footsteps of that person. Interesting, they don’t know jack about how the person got to his or her present position.
Sometimes, the issue of mentoring  or having a role model is made worse because we just keep assuming someone achieved what has been achieved by ‘hard work, dedication, commitment, resilience…’ and all the success related words you can think about. These high sounding words that are related to success are good but they are not enough.
Someone should not just tell you to work hard to succeed because that is how they succeeded. If they are in the same line as you are, they need to show you specific steps taken to be successful. They have to be open to you to show you the way. If you just decide to be hardworking, you can vigorously pursue the wrong thing and end up being frustrated.
In fact, when it comes to hard work, there are so many hard working people who are not making progress in life. There are so many others who are not really hard working and they are making a lot of money. The difference will be in what you know and who you are exposed to.
I don’t think it is a bad idea to look up to someone and want to be like them. What you have to do, if you will ever be like them or even surpass them is for you to take a look at their input rather than just looking at their results.
Whatever height anyone has attained, it is not their physical results that can get you there. It is the input they made, which you can apply, that will get you to where they are in life. I am certain you want to rise in life and you really want to get to the heights you have seen some people attain.
I can assure you that the heights those people you look up to have attained is very attainable and it may not be as hard as you think. But for you to get to those heights, you will need to do the exact thing those successful people did.

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