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When you want to achieve anything in life you will need the kind of people that I refer to as power conductors.
Just as it is in the case of electricity, you cannot put a wire into wood and expect the wood to transfer the electricity that the wire is carrying. If the wood will ever transfer currents, it must have something inside it that can carry the currents.
In this scenario I am trying to paint, you are like the wire that carries some currents. The current is your vision. For that vision to see the light of day, you have to be able to send it through some materials that can conduct electricity.
The wood here refers to the critics of your vision. The wood can be those who are just not interested in your vision or will do anything to pull it down. They are also people who don’t understand anything you re saying so some of them will say that you are insane. They can’t see what you are seeing so they are not power conductors.
Imagine what happens when you plug your devices into a socket. The device immediately starts charging. That’s because it can take the currents from the socket. Those who hear your vision, encourage you, give you positive criticisms and show you the way up are those devices or other wires that conduct electricity.
You and I know that it will be foolhardy to try and plug wood into sockets. If you have a situation where you need to tap light from one source and your wires are not long enough, what do you do? Do you look for an ordinary rope and join to a wire that carries current? Will you add one end of the wire to a wood and add the other end to the other side of the wood?
You know that you will be wasting your time, energy and maybe resources. That’s why you should see that some of the people you are sharing your ideas with are just not going to connect. Once you see that someone is not connecting then you can tell that the person is not a power conductor. You don’t need such people because they are not useful to you. Sometimes, they even cause some damage.
There are some others that you also need to be wary off. These ones are power conductors but the problem is that they are small power conductors. Imagine the jumpers or wires that are used to start the batteries of a car when it’s down. Those wires are really powerful. If you use any wire that’s not that thick, it will only spark and not start the car.
What that also means is that there are people who don’t have enough currents in them to be able to receive the currents that you carry. Your vision is too powerful for them. They will just be intimidated by anything you say to them. To some of them it will appear as though you are bragging or you just want to sound big. Those are also some noise makers and time wasters that you don’t need.
Your vision is great and you need the real power conductors to make it happen.
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