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Many of us started with dreams that we really wanted to pursue. For one reason or the other we just did not pursue those dreams anymore. We looked back. We stopped following the dreams and chose the easy way out.
Some people realised that the dream was going to require paying a price and they did not want to pay the required price. The price seemed to high or the dream seemed too demanding. Consequently, returning to comfort zone seemed nice to them.
Now let’s look at why some people look back on their dreams and what happens when the look back.
Why do they look back?
1. Challenges ahead ~ Many are afraid of the challenges ahead of them before they can get to their dream world.
2. The required skills and discipline ~ There are those who do not want to go through the discipline needed to succeed at a new level. New dreams will always require new disciplines to achieve.
3. Fear of the possibility of success ~ Though strange, but the truth is that some people are afraid of success. They are scared about what will happen to them after success. They also don’t want to experience success and then fail.
4. Patience required to forge ahead ~ Many are after instant success. So if things don’t work out too soon they turn back.
5. Sweet offers from the past ~ If you have been used to so many good things from the past it is usually too difficult to forge ahead. A good example is someone who works in a place and has all sorts of allowances and an official car or house. Such people hardly let go to follow their dreams.
6. People encouraging you to settle for less ~ Some people come to advise and ask why you are troubling yourself. They ask you not to stress and just take what you see.
7. Experiences of people who have failed ~ There are those who have failed and they share their experiences in failure in a way that discourages rather than encourage others.
What happens when you go back on your dreams
1. You lose more than what attracted you to the past
2. You will always have to start over because of momentum you’ve already lost
3. The regrets of not pursuing your dreams will soon set in
4. By the time you realise your stagnation you would have little or nothing that can be done
Getting to the dream’s destination will never come cheap so you have to be prepared and not even consider going back. Keep going and your dream will materialise.
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