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I was invited to speak in a youth meeting today and they wanted me to talk about integrity as it affects the future of young people. I recently spoke in a meeting where I had the opportunity to decide what to speak on so I asked my wife to choose one out of the several topics I had on ground and she chose integrity! Here we are again having to talk about the all important topic which seems like any other word in the dictionary but it has translated into capital for so many people.
There’s no way you can build you life without integrity and there is no way you can survive without integrity. Nobody will employ you without integrity and if they have already employed you before discovering that you do not have integrity then you will soon lose the job! You cannot get any loan anywhere without integrity. It is because of this integrity issue that banks will ask for collateral before giving you loans so that they do not loose out when people default with paying back loans intentionally.
Why do you think that this nation is not developing the way it should? It’s also the issue of integrity because some leaders are entrusted with money and they spend the public funds given to them for personal issues. Some of them take holidays abroad or send their children abroad to go and study while our own educational system is left to decay!
I look around today and see strong multinational companies that have structures in place and they were built not just because the founders had ideas but because they had integrity. Some companies like Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Dangote group were built with funds from venture capitalists of loans from relatives as is the case of Dangote, the founder of Dangote Group. If these people had no integrity they would have collected money and would have spent the money on cloths, cars and other things that can be destroyed! If they had done that we definitely would not have heard about them today.
We need to go back to the core issue of integrity and that’s the only way we can have a future that’s guaranteed! Without integrity, we have no future! Without integrity we can have dreams but they may never become reality! Some people may not have super ideas but they can be trusted and that’s why they keep getting the needed fund for their seemingly simple ideas!
Let’s take off the rags we have taken on today as the norm of the society! Let’s stop all the rubbish of trying to normalize of legalize things that do not portray us as people of integrity. We know something is wrong and then we try to justify it under the constitution because the laws are not against such.
Integrity is key! We can transform our lives and businesses by having integrity! Young people can get the capital they need when it’s proven that they have integrity. When leaders have integrity, they will not need a national conference to solve the problems of their nation. They will simply do what is right and not take what does not belong to them from national treasury!
Let’s start to build our future from now with integrity!
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