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Even though Madiba (Nelson Mandela) departed at the good old age of 95, no one really loves to lose a good person no matter how old they are. The more important thing for me at this time is not Madiba’s character, goodwill and strong influence but what to take away from it all!
Was Madiba looking forward to greatness when he started the fight against apartheid in South Africa? The answer is no. South Africa had real issues and people needed to speak up. He did that and several other things.
Let’s even take a look at some of those things that he did:
1. Madiba would not allow injustice to continue. That was what started the fight against apartheid.
2. He spoke up not only for himself but for his country men
3. Refusing to be intimidated was key to coming this far for Mandela
4. There was a price to pay and he paid the price of twenty seven (27) valuable years behind bars
5. He kept a clear head all through the process and made informed choices
6. When his story changed, his vision didn’t change. He became the President of South Africa but did not forget what the fight was about all along.
7. Forgiveness was a message he believed and preached! He became the most powerful man in his country but did not intimidate anyone or victimize those who punished him unjustly
8. We all saw his humility until his dying days! When asked what he would want to be remembered for, he responded by saying ‘I think it is arrogance to say this is what I want to be remembered for. I will let the world decide how they want to remember me.’
9. Madiba refused to be worshiped
10. He was a hub for unity. It is one thing to forgive people and it is another thing to make sure you bring people together to dwell peacefully.
His was a life clearly driven by vision and not ambition. I dare say that it is a life you really want to read about repeatedly and emulate.
Remember, Madiba didn’t set out for greatness. It was about stopping people from being treated as animals when they were no different from those who treated them as such!
Look, Learn and Live by the great lessons others have passed on!
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