Make it work until it works | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

After one or two attempts on our dreams, we start concluding so soon that it is not working then we start getting ready to give up. Interestingly, if it was a car that we took out and it refuses to work, we don’t give up so soon on the car.
As for the car, we call all the experts in town and ask them to check the car. These days, we even have machines that can check the car and possibly tell you what is wrong with the car just by running a scan. If the scanning machine is able to detect what went wrong with the car, then we go ahead to fix it instead of doing trial and error.
If we call someone who comes highly recommended and the person can’t fix the car, we may decide to call another person or this technician will recommend a partner he or she has been working with who might be able to fix the car. Some people spend weeks or even months just to make sure the car gets back to life.
There are times the technicians will also tell you that you need to replace the engine of the car and you start thinking about how to raise the money to replace the engine of the car. Sometimes you save, borrow or deep into some money you have somewhere just so that the car can work again. You believe that moving around will be easier or that the car makes your business easier so you will give it all it requires to work.
We can be that patient with a car that is so easy to come by or replace but we are not that patient with our dreams. Sometimes we say to the technicians that we are ready to spend any amount of money just to make sure the car works. When it comes to our dreams, we spend so little and we start complaining that we have already spent too much on the idea.
For some of you who are reading this right now, it may not be your car that you spend so much on or can spend all that you have on. If you check very well, there will be something that you are given to and you can spend nearly all that you have on it.
Why not take your dream seriously and make it work rather than just giving up on it? You can’t give up too soon on the idea just because you have worked on it a couple of times and it is not working. You’ve got to give it what it takes to make it work.
An idea will always require a plan for it to work. In your plan you will have your strategy. Sometimes you may need to replace the entire plan like you replace the engine of the car. Sometimes what you need to change is just the strategy and if you do, the plan will work.
It could also be that you have been talking to the wrong people about the plan. They made it look so expensive to achieve and they are not helping you to get any result. Why don’t you look for someone who has a similar dream and is willing to share ideas on how to make it work so well with very little to put into it?
There are many ways to get a thing done. So long as you are willing to make your ideas or dreams work, all you have to do is to keep looking for how to make the dreams work.
I can assure you that what you are working on is not an impossible task. You only need to stay with it until it works.
If you plant a seed and you are expecting harvest, you don’t just leave the seed and hope it springs up on its own. You water it after planting, clear the weeds around it so that it will not choke, check on it from time to time and water it repeatedly. That’s exactly what you must do to your dream so that you make it work.

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