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You already know that both the rich and the poor have one thing in common regardless of the country they live in or when they were born. God has been fair enough to give both of them only twenty four hours in a day and seven days in a week but what they make of that time is left to them. If what they make of that time is left to them then you should know that the reason given to you in form of a new day or a new week is an opportunity for you to become richer and you might be using it in such a way that you will become poorer. You have to become so conscious of the fact that the time you have now and what you do with it is what determines who you will become and what you will have.
Learn to make better use of you week as you go into the week by having some plans for the week. You will always be amazed that when you go into a week without a plan, the week might just run by so quickly and at the end of the week you can only say another week is gone but you cannot lay your hands on something so unique that you have done within that week. Of all the weeks that you have had, you must ensure that this new one is different. A day like Sunday would have been a great day to start setting your expectations but in case you have not done that, it is never too late to set your expectations goals or plans today.
Don’t even try to think that you can make the most of the week without a plan. No matter how effective you are at getting things done, you will just realize that you have spent so much time being busy but by the time you ask yourself what you have been doing, you still will not be able to say this is what I have been doing yet you have been busy all through the week. When you have a checklist, it is easy for you to say this is what I intend to do and as I go through the week to tick the check list. That helps you show some form of progress and when you are done with one task, you already know the next task.
One of the important things about setting your own tasks or plans for the week is that you will not have too many other people getting into your space or asking for your time. Once you do not have a plan of your own, people will make their own plans for you and fix you up so that you can help them achieve their own plans. As much as it is not a bad thing to help other people achieve their own plans, you must also be careful not to live your entire life just helping others get things done and you are not getting anything done for yourself.
Take action from this moment and make a list of what needs to be done. The list can contain the books you need to read in the morning to get your day started, meditation for the day, reading from , making a phone call, following up your business proposals, calling your spouse at mid day when you are out working, catching up on the news stories, preparing a speech, writing a book or delivering a service to a new customer. One major thing you will like about working with a plan is that it helps you feel you are making the most of your time. You will not at any point stop to ask what should be the next thing. You already have a list to work with.
Go now and make the most of this new week!
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