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Every moment of your life must count and you have to make it count! You have to live your life as if you will never get a chance to see tomorrow and talk as if your words are the only words that can rebuild a nation. Act as if your attitude is all that the man or woman living next to you will need to understand how to live life. Carry yourself like you will never get a chance to send a message across to the people watching you and let the message be the one they will never forget! If your life will not count, what have you come to do here on earth?
It is a slave that waits on others in order to make their lives count. You have waited long enough on other people, giving them all the authority they do not deserve over you and allowing them to dictate the pace at which your life moves! That’s not how to make your life count! If you wait absolutely on others and let them decided everything for your life they will simply make their lives count at your expense!
I really have been thinking since I was a kid about how to make my life count and I eventually started out on the journey of speaking to make a difference in the lives of other people. As it is today, I have spoken to many and have written a lot of articles for people to read as a way to make my life! What are you going to do while you are here on earth in order to make your life count?
If all you do is driving you have to drive as if you are a professor in class, teaching people the things that their lives depend upon because someone is watching. If what you have to do is to help people keep records, you should keep the records in such a way that someone may think his or her life is over as a result of a missing record and just then, you show up with the record.
Making your life count is not really about doing something big but doing something that makes life more meaningful for other people. Someone should be able to get more education because of the resources that you control, another person should be able to get a job because of your connection! How many people have gone to bed praying for you by virtue of the abundance in your house which has passed to them?
Living life for yourself is not the way to live life at all because you are obviously not living for anyone and your life is not counting in any way! For a life that really counts, you must be able to point to people or people must be able to point to you as the one who has helped them discover a purpose in life, fine tune a passion, get an education and live a more peaceful life!
Make your life count!
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