Make your mistakes – Fola Daniel Adelesi.

One of the amazing things in this generation is that we all try to be so perfect in the things that we do and we seem to forget our weaknesses so much that we keep pushing and pushing until we breakdown because of the limits we have ignored.


We do not want to make mistakes and we do not want people to jeer at us but that is what they end up doing when we breakdown because of the limits that are consequent upon the weaknesses that we have.


Some people enjoy their weaknesses so much that they forget their strengths and all that they are doing is to focus on the weaknesses. The ideal thing at any point in time is for you to build on your strength and maximize the potentials that come along with each area of your strength. When you build on the strengths that you have it will be possible for people to easily notice your accomplishments and not easily notice the weaknesses that you have.


If you think that what everybody has been noticing is just the weaknesses that you have in the places where you have been to then it means that you have also been focusing on your weaknesses all along. When you change what you focus on then what people focus on when they see you will also change. People have a way of seeing the same thing that you see about yourself even when you have not discussed what you are seeing with them.


Does this mean that this people have some amazing gifts that help them see what others see about themselves? It may not be so in so many cases. It’s just about your attitude. Whenever people see you they can easily deduce if you are the type that focuses on personal weaknesses or strengths. The moment they know what your focus is, they will align with that focus for you and that is what you will always get from them.


You need to break out of your shell, think about what you need to do, find out how it should be done and just go ahead. Sometimes the only way to get over the mistakes you may be bound to make is to first of all ignore them. The word “ignore” in this context means to pay greater attention to some more important things that the mistakes you may make. When you really intend to do a worthwhile thing you will need to ask questions about what the objectives are. You will have to think more about what people around you stand to gain. You must put to consideration the consequences of not doing that thing against the cost of doing it. If the consequences of not doing a thing are more than the cost of doing it then you should know that priority must be given to possible consequences and not the cost that will accomplish the task.


When you have built on your strength, go on and make your mistakes because there are some mistakes you cannot avoid until you have made them the first time. You will learn the lessons and you will be able to move on. Make your mistakes and leave the miracles to God. You just might have something that surpasses what you ever dream to do.

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