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A few months ago when I was to get married, we needed another tailor to help with my wife’s wedding dress after the first one disappointed us and the wedding was fast approaching. My wife visited one of her uncles and they got talking about the wedding dress so the uncle mentioned a lady he knew who could do a great job. We got the lady’s number and set out to look for her in an extreme part of Lagos where she had moved to with her husband. One of the first things that struck my wife and I as we spoke with the lady on phone was that she sounded so intelligent and her English was great. She was calm confident and warm so we really looked forward to seeing this person.
We finally located the new house her husband just built and had moved into after a few wrong turns in the area. It was a beautiful place with some obvious work in progress and you could tell that those who lived in the house would detest dirt because of how clean the place was despite having two kids! While discussing my wife’s wedding dress, my wife and the lady got talk about joblessness and that was when we found out that the lady we had been talking to had obtained a masters’ degree!
She had waited for so long to get a job even though she had a masters’ degree but the job was not forth coming so she decided to do something else while she was looking for a job. She went to learn fashion design and started sewing for people and today she does not need the job of anyone! She even likes it the way things are right now because she wants to start a fashion school where she can train other people in the art of fashion design and also make more money! The other part is that she is bringing a touch of her education into what she is doing and her works look a lot neater than what you would get from the locals around. Since her works look neater, she also charges more!
Before the educational system was basterdized, the idea of education was to make sure that people were not only physically strong to get things done but that they were also mentally equipped to think through things for themselves and create solutions for their challenges! Education was not supposed to take away the mental strength of the people and it is unfortunate that today, a lot of the so called educated people are too lazy to think and to create something for themselves so if no job offer is forth coming from another company, they cannot think of anything to create in order to earn a legitimate living without having to beg.
If you are not getting any offer from a company to come and work with them, what will you do? Are you going to continue to apply until you exceed the age limit that most companies would like to take? Have you forgotten that most companies will not take you when you are more than 30 or are you already above 30? Well if you are above 30 already you may need to consider the fact that is the reason some companies do not want to employ you. It does not mean that you will never get a job but you should not just sit and do nothing while you’re hoping for a job! As a matter of fact, it could be that thing you will engage in to keep yourself busy that will ultimately fetch you your dream job! If you are not yet up to 30 and you are also looking for a job, you may still be within the preferred age range of employers but you still should not sit and do nothing while waiting for the job.
I think young educated people need to remember that the main reason they went to school is not just to come out and look for a job! You were educated so that you can proffer solutions to the myriad of challenges in the society. How you provide a solution is what the real issue is! Some may provide their solutions as employees and others will provide their solutions as employers. We also still have people who will not be employees or employers but they render services from their skills and still meet some needs in the society. You have to begin to think of what you can do to meet needs. How can you put to test what you have learnt in school such that you will be meeting a need and you will still be making a living? Once you can meet a need then the rest of the issue will not be a big deal. It will only be a matter of time before your cash flow increases and you can meet some other personal needs that you have!
One of the funny realities that some other public speakers have consistently called our attention to is the fact that when an apprentice learns a trade, skill or any other type of job, he or she will seek freedom from the boss that impacted that knowledge or skill to go and start up a new business! Apprentices don’t leave their boss to go and look for a job from another person but unfortunately, you will find that graduates finish from school most times and the first thing that crosses their minds would be to get a job! If an apprentice goes to learn a skill and starts up a business or trade after that and a graduate will most like only look for a job after school, who do you think has really gone to school?
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  1. Perhaps to help the young folk, the colleges should also build the concept of create-your-own-job into their curricula.
    In the time of our older siblings, universities went round to scout for the best talent. So, the universities didn’t have to impart on their students knowledge about searching for jobs or creating your own.
    Well, how would would folk like you also have things to talk about?

  2. I wish every graduate can see this article. Thank God am already taking advantage of this idea before now. Pls preach this mpre. Am an accounting graduate learning to become a hair stylist……………thanks Fola

    Nigerian youths………..think

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