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By now, if you have read my previous posts beginning from the first day in December, you will see that I certainly believe you can still get something out of the remaining days in the year. That’s why I want to do a small walkthrough on what you can still do to make the most of the rest of the days.
It’s important for us to set some basics right and once those basics have been taken care of the other things will be a lot easier to sort. Often times when you try to sort the basics with some people you will realize that they are not willing to go through that with you but the want the results that the simplest steps can produce for them.
Did you start the year with a plan or a goal? If you have no specific plan at all at the beginning of the year then you should not have expected much from the year. The other thing is if you had written goals and plans for the year. When there are no written goals and plans for the year it means you just have some ideas in your head. You had no clear cut strategy on what you intend to do and how you intend to achieve those things you desired to achieve.
That phase is gone and maybe we can’t change much of that. The good news is that you can still change much with the time left that seems so little. If you are going to make something meaningful out of the remaining days I suggest you pick up a pen and paper right after you finish reading this. You need to write down things you can still do before the end of the year. Write down a few of the other things you could have done from the beginning or the middle of the year.
For some of those plans, you are not trying to achieve everything that should be achieved in one year under thirty days. Even if you become a superman you still will not be able to get them done. Sometime what you have to do is to set the ball rolling. There are times we never get through certain things just because we did not start them at all. Starting something has some form of motivation that it offers us. There is a way it keeps pushing us until we finish.
A few other things may be realistic goals that you can set and finish up in thirty days. I suggest you dwell more on those things. Maybe you have been trying to set up a business and it just looks like it is hard to get started or do anything meaningful. I can suggest you do the following in the next thirty days:
1. Define the business you want to do
2. Set the vision, goals and objectives of the business
3. Consult a lawyer on the legal issues about that business
4. Produce a fund raising plan
5. Start a research about the business.
Now when you do this before the year ends, it can give you a level of satisfaction that you have taken some basic steps n the direction of a goal you have always wanted to achieve. Yours may not be a business but there will always be something you can do within the short time left to make sure it is worth your while.
You can make the most of the rest because it’s up to you. so what are you going to do to make the most of the rest in this year?

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