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The year is gradually rolling to an end and as it is rolling away, some people are in a way thankful while some others are really scared. Those who are thankful that the year is rolling to an end might be thankful because it probably has been a tough year and they are really looking forward to a new beginning. A few might as well say that it has been a really rewarding year while some are very scared because they think they have not achieved anything in this year. If they take a look at the plans they drafted in January, it looks like they have not even done a single thing and others are in serious debt with deadlines standing tall in front of them.
Whichever way things have been so far in the year, you can still make the most of the year. If things have not been working they can still turn around in just a moment and the last few months of the year beginning from September will be very amazing for you. I am also believing with you, if you can just look away for a moment from the things that didn’t go well to the future before you, that things will turn around and it will be as though nothing went wrong at all.
For things to change we all have a role to play even though we all say that we are trusting God. No matter how much you trust God, you cannot trust him so much that the trust will now take away all the responsibilities you are supposed to take. Trust or faith is in no way a substitute for your responsibility and until you take actions you will not get your desired results.
In the remaining months of the year you can still change things and make up for the lost time if you have lost any time since the beginning of the year. There are several things you can do and some of the things I think you can do include:
1. Have a plan for the month. If you have gone through all the previous month without a plan you should not go through this one without a plan. When you work out a plan it means that you are expecting some results. You cannot just expect things to change without stating where you expect things to change or the results you expect to see.
2. Make out time to listen to some personal development tapes. Sometimes all you need is one instruction. In some other cases you will see new insights when you listen to tips on personal development. It could also be just a tape that will make the difference you have always wanted to see in your life.
3. You should read a few books on productivity. Remember that when you read you save yourself a lot of time. So many people say they do not have time to read because they have a lot of work to do. They don’t know that they are ignorantly spending more time on things they should spend less time with. Reading a book will help you learn in a few hours what some others learnt in several years. So when you read, you actually save up a lot of time because you may achieve in months what others achieved in years.
4. Revisit the yearly plan that you made either last year or in January for this year. If you don’t revisit your plan you may never know what to add or what to change and what to do differently. A review definitely helps you know where you are progressing and where you need extra work.
5. Be thankful for what you have achieved no matter how small. Gratitude can change your altitude.
6. If some things you have been working on are not working out, bring them back to the drawing board. Ask questions from people on what you can do. Re-strategize if you need to.
7. It might be very important for you to reach out to new people or expand your network to get things done.
8. Don’t allow what you are yet to achieve scare you. If that happens your productive abilities can be crippled.
9. Go about looking for new opportunities rather than spending all your time with the ones you have lost.
10. Set your mind to ‘Auto-positive.’ Always expect good results from the things you are venturing into. If you are not expecting good results then why are you wasting your time, money and energy on something that you are not positive about? You also need to know that sometimes, the results you get are simply determined by your state of mind. When you expect good things you get good things but when you expect nothing then nothing happens.
Never conclude that things have come to an end when you still have so much time ahead of you. You can make the most of this time ahead of you so go ahead and make the most of this time. You can truly make this September memorable or as some will say, ‘a September to remember.’

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