Malfunctioning human beings! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When you turn on your mobile devices and touch one button but the responses you are supposed to get from several buttons are coming up you will conclude that your mobile device is malfunctioning but that’s the way we also have malfunctioning human beings! To malfunction has to do with working differently from expectation or you may say it is about doing what was never expected as against what a device is supposed to do. Simply put, a malfunctioning device is the one that does not perform the intention of the manufacturer and a malfunctioning human being is the one that does not perform the intention of the creator!
When you service a car properly and you have all the wires checked out for you then your expectation would be that you should enjoy using the car on the road for a long while without any difficulty. If you put it on the road and it starts jerking or the lights are tripping off then you will say it is malfunctioning and sometimes you can say that something is malfunctioning when you have put in so much for it to perform certain things and it’s just not doing that!
With those premises I think I can now show you how human beings can malfunction. Imagine that you have paid the government of a country in order to be able to do business just like Jesus paid for our dear lives with His life and you have met all the standard requirements so it’s time for you to start producing the product you told them you wanted to produce. It was tasking but you were willing to give it a shot! You met with brick walls but you never gave up and at the end of the day you succeeded in creating the product and tested it was okay. Now it’s time to make money form the product and reap the fruit of your labour but the product suddenly stops working in the hands of the end user! Even if you have collected money for the first one and that money cannot be refunded then you should know that you are going to use all the remaining products yourself because no one will buy!
We cause our creator a lot of pains when we malfunction as human beings just as the manufacturer of products will never be happy with a malfunctioning product! The only thing we can also do to make sure we no longer cause him pain is to start functioning the way we were designed to function! With that the next question is why do we malfunction?
1. We malfunction when we do not know our purpose
2. We malfunction when we try to function in the wrong place
3. We cannot function properly when we try to perform beyond our capacity
For most people, they malfunction because they do not know the purpose for which they were created and you need to know that you purpose is what God had on his mind when he was creating you and for you to begin to function properly you have to find out what was on God’s mind while creating you.
When things don’t seem to be working in your life then you should know that it could also be that you are not functioning properly.
How to stop malfunctioning.
1. Look for your manufacturers manual (the only book that tells you how to live your life)
2. Ask your creator what His intention was when he created you.
3. You need to allow your creator tell you how to function and where to function
4. Keep going for regular check-ups or servicing with your creator.
5. Apply every instruction that your creator gives you.
When you begin to do this then I can confidently say that you are on your way out of your malfunctioning arena.
You have malfunctioned long enough and I must say that your manufacturer is so sad about the fact that he has put so much into your yet you are not performing what you were supposed to perform or you are not performing at all.
Stop malfunctioning! Start Fucntioning!

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