Man can’t perfect things for you | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

​​But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and shew kindness, I pray thee, unto me, and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house ~ Genesis 40:14 KJV.
This request was made by Joseph to the men who were serving with the king at the time they were together in prison. He had been through all sort of troubles and he finally got a chance to meet people who could recommend him. He would have thought that was the breakthrough point so he seized the moment, thinking that the man would help him and put an end to all his troubles in life. 
Many of us have been through so much, despite being so gifted or talented like Joseph. You have gone to school and have acquired other necessary skills to move on in life. You received prophecies about how God was going to make you great and stand out in your entire family but the opposite seems to be happening right now.
In the case of Joseph, he had a dream as a teenager and he saw ahead how God was going to make him great. He was going to be so great that all his brothers would bow to him. From the moment he revealed the dream, trouble started. I guess you have also revealed your dreams to some people and because of that, trouble has started for you too. Instead of going to the palace as you expected, you keep seeing prisons and many more unpalatable places. You keep trying hard to get into the palace but the harder to try, the farther it seems.
Let us first establish the fact that you were not the one who gave yourself the great dream or the prophecy for greatness. If it was God that gave you, it will take God to make it happen. It does not matter how many men you know and have spoken to about helping you. They will all promise and forget, just like the man in the text above forgot Joseph. Others will just disappoint or become handicapped. If a man needs help for himself, how will he be able to help others? So you must fix your gaze on the helper who does not need any help before he can help you. That’s what the Psalmist did in Psalm 121 when he said he will lift up his eyes to the hills.
After Joseph had been forgotten in the prison, for two years as recorded in Genesis 41:1, God perfected his situation at the right time. God caused the king to have a strange dream that no one, including all magicians could interpret. Then the man who should have remembered Joseph long ago remembered him and recommended him to the king. May God cause events to happen just so that you will be remembered in Jesus name.
If the king’s servant had remembered to recommend Joseph earlier, it would not have made any sense because there was no need to a dream interpreter at the time. Moreover, it was God that allowed Joseph’s journey to be arranged through slavery. God started it and was arranging it. He finally perfected it with Joseph’s arrival in the palace.
God has begun good things in your life. The situation that you are in right now does not mean that God has started good things in your life. Those troubles you are seeing do not also mean that God is no longer working. While the situation may not be pleasant, God still knows how to use it to perfect what he has started. You should also remember that God never starts what he cannot finish.

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