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Two things came to my mind as I began to work on this topic. The first is the man who goes to the bush and the other is the man who comes from the bush. When you think about both of them you will realize that both of them will have something to take with them to their destination. While the man who goes to the bush might take his civilization to the bush, the man who goes from the bush will take the bush in him to the world!
Now my question is what is in you that you are taking to the world? Are you taking your bush – which in this context can be your funny habits and unpolished styles – to the world or you are taking something into the bush to help develop other people? You have to build yourself up and then help other people become the best that they can be.
In helping them become their best, always remember that you can take a man out of the bush but if you do not take the bush out of him you still have not helped him. What this also implies is that you cannot attempt to brush people up on the outside and leave them unattended on the inside. People have to change from inside out and not from outside in.
I remember the story of some group of barbers who wanted to make the society know how important they are. They were to have a special conference to pass their message across. They decided to prove this message by showing how they transformed someone’s life. They took a destitute and took a picture of him just the way he was. After that picture, they went to give him a nice hair cut. He was now looking so clean so he had a shower and they gave him a new suit. His picture was again taken and they put the old picture and the new one together. On the first picture they wrote ‘before.’ On the second picture they wrote ‘after.’ They then asked the man to stand at the door to shake hands with people who came came in for the conference. That was a powerful story of transformation. People liked the story and gave the man so much money.
Some weeks later, some people came looking for the man. They thought he would still be found probably in the hotel where the conference was held or in some either nice places. They could not find him anywhere else other than the dirty place where he was picked up before the conference. Why was that? It’s because they picked him up and simply ‘brought him out of the bush without taking the bush out of him.’ It does not matter what you do on the outside, the bush within will still control the man or package outside.
It is also very important for you to note that in packaging or preparing yourself, you have to transform yourself from inside out. Work on the man within you. Do a lot of work on your own mind. When the inner man is transformed then it will only take a short while for the outer man to follow the transformation of the inner man.
Don’t let your life be a case of the man who gets out of the bush but the bush is not out of him. When you also have the privilege to lead and develop others, help them develop from inside out. Take the bush out of the man and the mind will naturally gravitate towards every other thing you fill it with.

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