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Welcome to the eleventh month of year. I sincerely hope that your November will be Novel – Original, New, Fresh, Different, innovative, Unusual and Unique.
Why is that? It’s because I understand some of you may have been packing your bags already – giving up on all sides and just waiting for the year to end. But I think something will happen. Rather than pack up you will just see that you have to spread more and ask people to help you with the good news that’s coming your way.
I want your November to be novel so that you yourself will be shocked. I believe that something will happen in this month and all your energy will return. Everything you think you should have concluded will suddenly have the need to get additional hands to help you with. You thought it was over with that business but calls will start coming in and you will start making calls because things will suddenly bounce back. There will be a new kind of energy and you will be all over the place again on what you thought was not working.
Just when you think that your expectations can’t manifest, a phone call, text message or an email is about to change that. When you intend to open your mouth and say it’s over, you will just find yourself saying I have one more idea. From one more idea you will go to one more strategy. After that you will see one more opportunities until you realize that instead of waiting for the year to end, you are suddenly asking for more time.
I’d like you to go around in this month talking, believing and acting like something who is expecting things to happen. Even the things that did not happen since January should be expected to happen now. Don’t let people discourage you and tell you it’s over. Don’t sit around those who have openly given up and secretly expecting things to change.
If things will change then your words actions and expectations must align. Say it, believe it and expect that things will not end without some good news for you this month and this year. In fact, I urge you to act like you already know where that good news is coming. Act like you know the very issue that will bring the great news for you.
I remember there was this parable that Jesus gave in the bible about people being recruited at different hours of the day. Interesting, the recruiter still went out at the eleventh hour and saw people standing. He asked them why they were there doing nothing and they said no one has employed them. The master told them to join the labourers and at the end of the job, everyone still got the same pay! Wow! Are you saying no one has employed you? That can turn around. I remember there was a year when I got a job on the 28th day of November! One would have thought it was over. Are you saying no one has helped you? Well get ready because that help is coming now.
Let me leave you with the reminder that some people may have had it rough from the beginning and just as the last minute, things begin to happen. Even those of you who have had it good will suddenly break new grounds and also see that you can cover more.
Look my friend, expect new opportunities instead of giving up. That’s what I am doing and I know it will end well for you and I.

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