Men will laugh at your vision │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I am not sure that a comedian makes people laugh as much as a man with a vision. I have seen several comedians – the good, the bad, the average – and I can tell you that most of them will attempt to build up to the climax gradually. By the time they are done people start laughing but it is not so with a man who says he has a vision. As soon as you say you have a vision some people will start laughing at you. They will not even wait to hear what the vision is about. Just open your mouth to say that you have a vision and you will become a laughing stock. By the time you now open your mouth to start sharing the vision the people will laugh the more.
Someone was sharing an experience with me yesterday and he spoke extensively about how so many people laughed at him as he shared his vision. Whenever he said he was going to do something they would laugh because they looked at his present situation and resources compared to the things he claimed he would achieve. Their human minds cannot comprehend how on earth he would be able to achieve those things without having the resources on ground. Humanly speaking they appear impossible and they usually sound very funny so people will laugh. Someone may be starting a small business in one remote village and he will add ‘international’ to the business name. What do you expect people to say or do? They will laugh.
You should never look at those who are waiting to laugh at you. You don’t have to worry about those who do not believe your vision. All you have to do is to keep believing in your own vision. If the vision comes to your mind, hold unto the vision and confirm it first by confessing the vision. Your vision will be very funny to people because the people around you will know that you don’t have the resources to achieve the vision. Some of the visions that will be dropped on your mind will require connection and the people around will know that you do not have the connection so they will laugh.
It is important for you to remember that when you receive a vision, you can be very far away from the time that the vision will be accomplished. If that is the case then you should know that it will be very strange to the people you are sharing it with and they will laugh. Imagine if someone had talked about mobile devices for communication one hundred years ago! People would have laughed. It would have sounded very ridiculous. But guess what? Most of the things that were ever invented sounded funny when they were first mentioned. Some of the inventors were referred to as crazy people. Nobody believed them until the inventions became a reality.
You might be speaking to someone and they will say you dream too much. Some other people will say you are too proud because of the kind of visions you will share. A few others will say you are just daydreaming. Let them keep saying what they are saying until your own visions become a reality. I know of a few people that men were laughing at but today the things that men laughed about have become a reality. Now the people who were laughing at them for saying those things they said are now witnesses to the reality of the things that were said. I have written and spoken severally about how I was a first year student in my secondary school and I said I was going to be the Senior Prefect of my set. My friends laughed at me when they heard me talking like that. What I said did not happen until about six years later. I got to a level and it looked as if it was never going to happen again but it happened!
Don’t allow people who are laughing at you make you as visionless as they are. You will notice that people who laugh when you share your vision are those who do not have visions or those who have very small visions. Their minds are too small to accommodate anything that challenges their minds. Because their minds are very small and cannot process and big imagination, the natural thing for them to do is to laugh when they hear people with big minds speak about where they are going in life.
Always believe in and talk about your vision while also acting on it. Don’t ever stop because of those who are laughing. Don’t even stop to listen to their myopic opinions! Keep on with the big dreams!


  1. You are responsible for what becomes of your future. Leaving it in the hands of others is irresponsibility. Set your vision ahead of you daily. Take this: If you can receive it and believe it, you can become it.

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