Mental limitations | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes we are limited not because the things we have attempted are impossible. We are simply limited because of our mental capacities. I recently saw the picture of a horse tied to a plastic chair that’s strange! How can a horse be tied to a plastic chair and the horse remains there for a long time?

The problem is not what the horse was tied to. We all have an idea of how strong a horse can be. A horse kick towards a human being can be devastating. So why will a horse be tied to a plastic chair and the horse will remain there? It is because of mental conditioning. The horse has been tied to several things in the past and from experience, the horse knows that you can’t move away from whatever you’re tied to. That’s why the horse didn’t bother to move even when tied to a chair.

Many of us have some mental conditioning that we have to work on for us to achieve anything this year. If we really want to go far in life, we can’t let the past negative experiences determine how we forge ahead in life. I must have written about how I was driving several years ago and another driver hit my car from the back. The vehicle hit my car so hard that I felt pains from the driver’s seat where I was. The back door of the SUV I was driving was damaged and needed replacement. Now the accident wasn’t the problem but it left an experience in my head. So whenever I’m driving and someone gets too close from behind, I get uncomfortable because something I had experienced before.

For some other people, that would be the last time they would drive. They wouldn’t even touch a car key needless to talk about driving. In one way or the other, it is the things we have gone through in life that give us negative mental conditioning. That mental conditioning then limits our capacities in life. You should never allow the things you have gone through limit you in life. Those experiences may be bad. You may need time to heal from the experience. You may have to get away for a while for your head to clear but you should never let the experience take your capacity away.

I’ve seen people who have the capacity to achieve so much but they are not thinking about what they can possibly achieve at the moment. They are simply thinking about the odds that are against them. They are thinking about the things they will never be able to do. They are thinking about who will say no and who will not open doors to them. It is time to stop thinking about what will go wrong or what may not happen. Now is the time to think about what is going to happen for good and how you’re going to make it happen.

There are too many things we don’t attempt because of the mental limitations we have already created in our heads. We never know what we could have achieved if we get on those things that we thought we could do without thinking about what will go wrong.

The mental limitation in some people’s heads has to do with who they know or do not know. They keep talking about how they don’t know anyone but they have brilliant ideas. They keep talking about how there’s no one to help despite the laudable projects they have thought about. For you to achieve anything in life, the first thing you owe yourself is to ensure you are not the one getting in the way of your progress. You must ensure that you are not the limitation to what you want to achieve. You also have to rise above accepting the limitations that others may want to place on you. Once you can go above the limitations of others and you are not the one getting in your own way, you will go as far as you can imagine and get even more result that you can think about.

From today, do an assessment of all that you have been working on and try to identify every mental conditioning that’s not allowing you to go as far as you should. Stop that mental limitation today and hit the ground running!

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