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One of the biggest advantages of having a mentor is the clarity they’re able to bring into whatever it is that you’re doing. You may be trying to carry too many things, delving into too many or just not sure how to proceed with the one thing you’ve decided to do. A real mentor who knows you and knows what you’re trying to do can effortlessly help you declutter and make everything crystal clear to you.

I have been in several situations where I thought I had things figured out until I spoke with a mentor. Questions were asked and I seem to know the answers to those questions. I answered intelligently but upon doing an analysis of the answer, I sincerely saw that I really didn’t think through what I thought was already clear to me.

You need to understand that mentors simply have a role to make sure the best comes out of you. They have nothing to gain from you and will not be more interested in your personal resources, in cases where you seem to have more and can offer more. They will be people who just want the very best for you and from their experiences, they can tell you where your actions are going to lead you.

In Africa, there’s a proverb about an elder being able to tell where the tree is going to fall when a young man is cutting a tree. There’s also another proverb about an elder being able to sit and still see the things that a young person cannot see while climbing the tallest trees. They’re not talk about trees here. The proverbs are simply talking about insights gained from years of experience which is an advantage that most young people do not have. When you’re getting started in life, you must understand that the results of those ahead of you is a combination of skills, relationships and experience.

The moment you decide to take on a mentor, you will be leveraging their experience to gain clarity for what you want to do. As a result, you can avoid or limit unintended consequences of your actions. Without the benefit of experiences, you may have several unintended consequences that will stop or even destroy what you’re trying to do.

I can tell you about times when I just wanted to run with a dream. I thought I was ready. I would speak passionately about the dreams and the things that needed to be done until I meet someone who asks all the right questions. Then I suddenly calm down and realize that I don’t have a number of things figured out. In fact, I didn’t think about them and if I had gone ahead with the plans I had, I could have hit a brick wall or run into serious trouble.

The fact that a plan looks good on paper does not mean it’s good. The fact that your intentions are sincere does not mean you aren’t going to fail or get into trouble. One of the areas where a mentor will be able to provide clarity could be the strategy you want to engage or the people you want to bring on board. You may think you need a few people and an experienced mentor will show you why you need more people. You may also have added too many people and the mentor will show you how you need fewer people and the exact number of people that you need. You may have an elaborate strategy and your mentor shows you how that elaborate strategy can work but something less elaborate will get you the same result repeatedly.

Wisdom can’t be replaced with skills. Your skills will always be needed but you need the wisdom of someone who has gone ahead of you to gain clarity into what you think you have sorted out. Leverage a mentor’s wisdom for clarity today.

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