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There are too many people out there who are skilled and there is no doubt about the fact that they are designed to go far in life. I have seen a number of talents and you would wonder if we were all made by the same God. If you wouldn’t be charged for it, you could say nothing was fair about the distribution of talents. Sadly, when you look at these people with skills or talents, you will realize they’re either going at a slow pace or aren’t moving at all.

There are those who are also going too fast in life because of the skills that they have but for the purpose of this subject matter in focus, I will stay on mentoring for speed. Everyone needs a mentor with one thing or the other. And one of the most important reasons you need a mentor is to be able to gain speed with what you’re doing.

If you’re a writer or public speaker, you need a mentor to guide you regarding how creatives can leverage their skills for profit. You may assume, just as I did when I was much younger, that money will naturally follow your talent. As you progress in life, you may be shocked, if you don’t tackle that immediately, to realize that money does not always follow talent.

Money will only follow the talent that has been refined, well packaged, and is being properly marketed. With a mentor, you will also realize that it is not everyone you should be marketing your skills or talents to. You may get help with identifying a niche-based market that you can push your skills to and your results will begin to multiply.

It doesn’t matter what you do or what your discipline is, you will need a mentor for speed in life. When you do not have a mentor, there are too many things you will try to figure out on your own. Some, you will never figure out. The benefit of a mentor is that the mentor has experiences already that can be shared with you. Those experiences that a mentor will share with you in a few minutes are years of struggles of the mentor or other people that the mentor knows. What has happened is that you gained years of experience by just listening for a few minutes and instead of making the same mistake, you’re able to avoid it.

The moment you start avoiding the same mistakes people in the past have made, you’re able to move faster in life. I remember sitting with one of my coaches, the late Richie Dayo Johnson, and he said to me that life is fifteen percent skill and eighty-five percent marketing. I didn’t understand this concept before. I was in the category of those who used to think that skill was all that was needed. I thought people would focus on my skill much more than appearance and marketing efforts. It took a few experiences and the statement from my mentor to jolt me out of that illusion.  Life does not automatically reward you for your skill. It was when my mentor mentioned this that I realized some people I know were simply doing better than me because of marketing efforts. They weren’t exceptionally brilliant. It wasn’t that they could do the job better but in addition to the little skill they had, there was a lot of marketing.

I don’t know what you’re trying to do or achieve in life but I am certain that with the right mentor in your industry or a general mentor in life, you will be able to do it faster. You will be able to reduce the number of mistakes you’re going to make in life and that will save you a lot of time, stress, and money.

If you’re out there and you think you do not need a mentor, please think again. One other way mentors give you speed is that some of them already have an established network that, at their own pace, may be willing to bring you into. You’re not asking for a mentor because of what you can physically get from them or so that you can leverage their connection but it sometimes happens. I recall sharing some of my thoughts and goals with my mentor and he would say that he knows just the right person I should be talking to. He would share their contacts and ask me to reach out to them.

Those contact sharing and introductions have been very helpful and I dare say have given me great leverage in life. Get a mentor, learn and increase your speed in life.

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