Metaphors for the mind – Fola Daniel Adelesi

1.) The seat of power/ Control tower.
Having explained to you what the sense organs do in connection with the mind, it should be easy to understand why the mind is referred to as the seat of power or the control tower. When signals are sent to the mind and the mind has not decided what to do there is nothing the body can do. In other words the actions human beings take are consequent upon the conclusions in the mind. When you are fully awake it is because your mind is fully alert. When you are not fully awake it is also because your mind is not fully alert. When the communication signal between your eyes and your mind becomes so thin then your eyes begin to shut down. It is your mind that tells you what to do and what you do comes around to make you who you are. You are a product of your mind and that is why it is called the control tower. A man is not as powerful as the position he occupies but as his mind. The power available at my disposal is dependent on what my mind offers me. This explains why some people go craving for external powers only through position because they do not understand that power is from within. Brain power or mind power is the only real and lasting power a man has to operate with.
2.) Your mind is a transmitter.
When you look at the life of a man critically there will be no need to ask him what he is thinking about or what has been going on in his mind. Take a good look at television stations. You don’t need to ask what’s going on in the studio or in the editing room or in the control room. You only need to put on your television to see what’s going on there. You can tell what’s going on there not only because you have the receiver in your house but because there is a transmitter in the television station that sends signals to all of the people who care to know what they are doing. For human beings our attitude or character is like the device showing to the world what the mind is transmitting. When you open your mouth to speak your mouth becomes the device showing what your mind is transmitting. When your hands move other people get an idea of what your mind is transmitting. When your legs move or you take any kind of action you are simply telling the people around what your mind is transmitting. It therefore means that your five sense organs don’t only receive messages for the mind to interpret, they also reflect what the mind has interpreted and has decided to do.
3.) Your mind is a receiver.
Just like it has been said earlier, everything that you sense organs get will go into your mind and they remain there. It is as a result of the several things that have gone into your mind and have settled down there that we have what is called the mind set. Rev. Sam Adeyemi as a speaker who has an engineering background likes to explain mindset using the example of a concrete in a frame work. When the concrete is mixed it is not usually solid and it has not shape but then it would be poured into the framework. After staying there for a while it settles and solidifies. It also takes the shape of the framework. At that point the concrete becomes hard to break. That is how a mindset works. The things that went into your mind consistently and settled in there became fixed and even hard to remove or hard to break.
4.) Your mind is a computer system.
Understanding how the computer works will help you understand how your mind works. Let’s start with the keyboard for a practical example. Most of the things that go into the computer go in there through the keyboard. You strike some keys on the keyboard and the central processing unit recognizes the key you struck. After the key has been recognized it will then be displayed by your monitor. In this case the keyboard for your mind can be your eyes. It takes pictures, colours, objects and tells your mind what they do. Your mind is the hard disk that recognizes these things like the central processing unit of a computer. Just like we have the monitor that displays what has been stored in a computer, I already told you that your character is the monitor that shows the whole world what was stored in your mind. The routes you are taking today are simply a reflection of the map spread out on your mind. Remember that you cannot get out of the computer what you did not put in there.
The computer has a CD-Rom and I will want to liken this to your mouth. When a bad CD goes into the computer system it starts making noise and is most like to hang – have difficulty in processing commands and stop working temporarily. If a bad CD going into the system can make it hang then a bad thing going into your mind through your mouth can make your life hang. Therefore you need to watch what goes into your mouth and what comes out of your mouth.
There is a part of the computer that is called the USB HUB. I don’t want to disturb you with computer jargons so let us focus on the word hub. It simply means a connecting point. Several devices can connect to the computer through the hub. You can connect a printer, a scanner, a mobile phone, an ipod, a mouse, a keyboard, a led light and a speaker. That’s the same way your mind works. It is a hub, a connecting point, and you must be very careful to make sure not just anything goes into your mind. The most recent laptops being produced come with a facility that does not allow just any programme on your computer until you give access to such. You need to make your mind work like that computer that does not allow just anything into your mind.


  1. Metaphor of the mind:- F.D.A, you ve done it again, i mean this is just the writeup so many youth(Nigeria) have got to read intoto. I love the way you express yourself freely,your language were just it, Not to shabbish and not 2 eccentric. Without mincing word; Brov Fola,more gris to your elbow! Hope to see you someday its been a while. Ayo Adeneye.

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