Mindset and Precept – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

When your mobile malfunctions you sometimes have to reset because there is a precept that determines the “mindset” of that mobile phone. Precepts will form a mindset but it usually gets to a level where mindset begins to kick against the precept that is needed for the next level of our lives. If you are ever going to keep succeeding in your life you must understand when to allow your mindset give in to a new precept so that your mindset would be ideal for the next phase of your life.
It’s amazing to see how close people are to their big breaks in life and the only thing that’s just not allowing the available precept launch them is their mindset. It may now be important to take a look at the other words that explain the word precept for a clearer picture of the message here. Precept means teaching, principle, rule, guideline, instruction and law. The last few words from Thesaurus are not words that a lot people like to hear anymore and those are words that can help a man create a shape for his life, maintain the shape and as well continue to adjust where necessary so as to continually fit into the society.
On the other hand, mindset means state of mind, frame of mind, attitude, approach, way of thinking or outlook. Of all the synonyms that I got I must confess I am surprised to see outlook as a synonym for mindset. What that means invariably is that what we think like will eventually determine what we look like and what we look like is determined by the things that we have been taught, the guidelines that we have abided by so far, and the instructions that have confined us to a structure or taken us out of one.
Now that you have a better picture of the two words compared I think I can boldly speed up to the point where I was supposed to have begun. We all have come this far by the precepts God gave us and those precepts have formed into the mindsets that we all carry but it’s amazing to see that today a lot of people are beginning to kick against the precept that is needed for the next level. They have stuck to the precept in their minds right now and they are not will to renew their minds or reset their minds.
Remember I started with a mobile phone being reset. If the phone will continue to be relevant to you there may be need to ‘restore factory settings’ or better still ‘reset.’ What you are resetting in the mobile phone is the instruction that you have given to the mobile phone. There are instructions that came with the phone to make it usable for anybody and there is the opportunity for you to add your instructions for personal use. Human beings are like phones with basic instruction from the manufacturer (GOD). The basic instruction determines how all human beings behave in certain conditions but the good news is that there is the opportunity for additional instructions just like that of the phone. This additional instructions are not the same for every human being and that is so because we do not all have the same purpose in life. Just like different mobile phone users will have different purposes for their mobile phones, human beings have come to achieve different things here on earth and what they have come to achieve will inform the kind of precept they must not allow.
From time to time you must you must reset your mind because the precept that brought you this far will not be the precept that will take you to the next level. From time to time you will need a new mindset for the next level. A few years ago your current mindset was absolutely necessary to bring you to this level but it will not be good enough to take you to the next level.
1.) We need a mindset – state of mind, frame of mind, attitude, approach, way of thinking or outlook – to succeed in life.
2.) The mindset will be shaped by the precepts – teaching, principle, rule, guideline, instruction and law –
that we accept or reject.
3.) The mindset must be flexible – don’t pick a precept and expect it to be a multipurpose precept applicable in every situation. There are no multipurpose rules. That is why there are exceptions to rules.
4.) You must constantly remember there are exceptions to rules and other rules will make up for that exception.
5.) Adopting the appropriate precept for every phase of your life is the meaning of the “right mindset”
6.) The mindset that brought you this far will not take you as far as you need to go!

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