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As you go into this New Year, one of the things you will need for your desired results to come is a mindset reengineering. It will be absolutely important to recreate your mind in some areas and break some old mindsets. Your mind needs to be reconfigured to work effectively and on a different level in this New Year.

One of the things that manufacturers of products do every year is to review their products and take a look at the needs in the society. By the time they are reintroducing that product, they will call it a new version. However, you must understand that it is not just called a new version because they simply repackaged it. The product is called a new version because new needs have been put to consideration while designing that product. It therefore means the product is a new version because of the new problems that it can solve or the new needs it can meet.

Now that you are in a New Year, you will certainly need to have your mind operate at a new level so that you can meet the new demands of the year. If your mind does not operate at a higher level, you will not be able to solve the new problems that are coming this year.

The re-engineering of your mind will work through a few things that include but will not be limited to:

  1. What you read – You need to change what you read or add some good stuff to what you are reading in order to re-engineer your mind successfully. If you don’t check what you are reading or you’re not reading at all then there is a problem. You must read in order to expand your mind and be ready for some of the opportunities and challenges ahead. There are times people run into some issues and the only thing that bails them out is what they’ve read somewhere and never knew was going to be useful to them.
  2. Who you’re talking to – If you don’t like your present level or you think you should be producing more results, you need to check the people you’ve been talking to very often about the things you are doing. Who are the people you’ve been consulting about your projects? Who are the people you’ve been taking advice from? If what you’ve taken from them hasn’t got you to where you want to be then you need to review the kind of advice you’re taking from them. Check if it’s the advice or it’s the implementation that’s the issue.
  3. The goals you’re setting – When you set very little goals you should not expect much from the results of those goals. You can’t set limited goals and expect unlimited results in your life. You have to be a bit more daring this year with your goals and ensure that you stay on track to follow through. Some people certainly know how to set goals but clearly don’t have the guts to follow through. When you set the goals you have for the year, it’s important to push through in order to have the better life that you want to see. There’s no way you’re getting a better life if you set goals and don’t follow through.
  4. The environment you often visit – The environment you live in or the one you visit often will impact your life greatly and you should know that by now. If you live in a good environment you will be better off because of the way the environment impacts your mind. A poor environment leaves your mind poorer than it is and probably does really big damage to your mind. On the other hand, if you live in a good environment, there are things that naturally improve your mind to make you a better person. So if you want a better mind this year, check the environment you constantly check into.
  5. The company that you keep – It is always true that he who walks with the wise will become wise and a companion of fools will be destroyed. It may not be taken easily when you’re asked to check if you’re walking with wise people. You may feel offended. It may not look like something that should be said to you but when you check very well you may realize that you’re walking with some people who are constantly making poor decisions. If you are in the company of those constantly making poor decisions and they are always justifying those decisions, it’s only a matter of time before you also join in making poor decisions and start justifying same.

You can’t operate in the New Year with the old mindset. You have to ensure you re-engineer your mind for better performance this year. That’s how to have a Happy New year!

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