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I have heard people talk about being in tight corners and by that they sometimes mean getting into trouble. They may look right, left and centre but there will be no obvious solution for them. Trust me; you don’t want to be in a situation where there is no solution in sight. Some people even have a more graphic description for it. They say it is being between the devil and the deep blue sea.
What do you do when you have rent to pay in a few days and there is no where you are going to get the money from? You also know that the consequence of not paying the rent is to be thrown out of the house. Who do you turn to when you can longer cope with the rising bills without a rising income?
In some families I have heard about siblings dropping out of school for one another just to have at least one person making it through school successfully. There are those who also have good jobs and are doing their jobs diligently but somewhere along the line, something no one can explain just happens and these people face the danger of losing their only job. The panic increases when they also remember that the job takes care of some nuclear and extended families who will probably go begging or die of hunger if the money does not come.
The list of many troubles that people are going through goes on endlessly. You really don’t want to imagine what kind of trouble people are faced with on daily basis. Some of them could be the things that they cause for themselves. The troubles could be consequences of wrong choices. In other cases, it could be a situation where someone walked into trouble with his or her eyes wide open.
What do you do after seeing the trouble and you have thought about all the possible way out? Are you also in some form of trouble at the moment? I have heard about people coming out of the most difficult situations and I am believe that if you are in any of such, you will also come out. I can’t explain how or when it will happen but I sincerely believe that it will happen.
There was the story of a woman in the Bible who was the wife of a Prophet’s servant or assistant. He owed some people while he was alive and some day, his creditors came to the wife with the intention of taking her sons away. Here was a poor woman who was content with just seeing her sons and now her husband’s creditors want to take the sons away! That was a big trouble. I guess she would have preferred dying rather than watch the sons being taken away.
Thankfully she did not forget to run to the prophet that her husband worked with. She explained the situation and the prophet asked, ‘what do you have at home?’ She had already said nothing then she remembered there was a jar of oil somewhere. Immediately, the prophet told her to go and borrow other jars. She was instructed to borrow not a few and to pour from the one she had into the empty jars! All the jars she borrowed became full and the oil only stopped when there was no other jar to fill up! Amazing, right!
I have thought about this at some point and also heard some people talk about this. What do you think the woman did with all that oil? I guess the widow who was a debtor on the verge of losing her sons suddenly became an oil merchant! She did not need any business plan or proposal to raise funds for the oil business!
As that inexplicable miracle happened for the woman, I believe it will have for you and I in the areas where we strongly desire miracles.
Watch it! There can be miracles from those troubles that you have to deal with.         

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