Misguided passions or Branded passions? | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

Misguided passions or Branded passions | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
Have you ever seen a man who seems so passionate but at the end of the day you cant identify what he seems so passionate about? Has there been a meeting where you heard a public speaker who spoke so passionately but at the end of the meeting all you can remember is the passionate voice and not a single area where is passion is channeled towards?
There hundreds of people in the society today with misguided or misdirected passions and there are a few others who are just dissipating a lot of energy in form of passions but they are not achieving anything. Some of these people after discharging a lot of energy realize that they have gotten little or no result so they start asking questions about what happened and when there is no reasonable response they become frustrated. I must also add that they are not just frustrated; they are very frustrated because they feel life is unfair! Why should they be working so hard and they are barely getting anything out of what they are doing when there are so many other people who seem to be doing so little but they are getting so much out of what they are doing.
Sometimes we just waste more of the little energy we have left in us by questioning the results of other people around us. When we are asking why they should be having more results, it would have been more appropriate for us to ask what they are doing differently to get the kind of results they are getting with little or no efforts.
I have one quick answer to why a lot of people who seem to be hard workers and passionate workers are not getting their desired results. It is as simple as having so much passion in no particular direction. Having misguided passion or having the kind of passion that is not in any way structured is one of the major problems of people working so hard and not getting anything. You should take a look at all the successful people in the society today and probably ask yourself what they are passionate about
If you can take a clean sheet of paper right now then you will be doing yourself a lot of favour. When you get the paper I will suggest you do the following:
1.Write names of ten successful people you know around you either on the local scene or in the global arena.
2.Write down names of companies or organizations these people are running to become successful.
3.Ask yourself what products or services they render through those platforms.
4.If you have seen their products or services then it will be clear what their passions went into.
5.Now ask yourself what your passion has created for you or for the society either through a product or a service.
6.From the product or service as a result of your passion, what will people benefit or how does your passion in service or product add value to people?
If you answered the first three questions correctly then you will realize that it is the passion of those people after being properly channeled that became global brands! I charge you today to guide your passion and watch it become a global brand!
©Fola Daniel Adelesi
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