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I was trying to update my blog recently and I made a mistake. I didn’t know that I had made any mistake but I just went to the home page of the blog to see if the new post I had just written had been posted there but I realized it was not there. It was at that time I realized I had made a mistake.
The next thing to do was to go back to the editing pages and correct the mistake so that the post would be visible to visitors on my site. The only way I discovered this thing was that I have a habit of always checking my posts on the home page to see what it would look like to visitors on my site and this tells us that if we are offering something to others, we should always learn to stand aside and see what that thing looks like form the perspective of those receiving. When I got to the editing pages I began to look carefully but something struck me all of a sudden. It was a column that contained the answers I had been looking for in a long time! I had asked questions and I had spent time looking for the answers but I didn’t get the answer that I wanted.
All of a sudden, it was a mistake that provided the answers I was looking for. As far as I was concerned that mistake was not ordinary. You may think, ‘oh, why are you getting so spiritual about a simple mistake that you made. It was just an accident!’ Well that’s what you call it but for me it was not just an accident. I will agree something is an accident when it happens without me planning for it and it leaves me with no lesson or a solution to what I had been looking for. When it happens and it reveals what I had always wanted then it is no longer an accident. In this case I am seeing an orchestration that began with the mind.
I was talking to someone several days back and I told him about how I usually get solutions to issues by just thinking about them. When something stays on my mind consistently for a while, the solution to that thing comes before I even realize it and that is exactly what happened to me again only it this time, it happened through a mistake.
This is what I want you to get from the whole message:
1. When we make mistakes we need to review them
2. We should never let our mistakes pass away without learning from them
3. Our mistakes, just as I have now discovered, carry some of the solutions we need.
4. When you make a mistake and discover something, it may be God’s way of giving you an idea that will put food on your table.
5. Never always throw away the mess from your mistakes because it can still be a message or a product that someone desperately needs.
I remember that when I was in the Mass Communication class as an under graduate, my lecturer told us in the history of mass communication how we came about the telephone and in a way you could say that the telephone was an accident! The person who invented it didn’t start out to invent telephone but a mistake along the line produced something that became the telephone.
Finally, I want you to look back at the mistakes you have made or the ones you are making and ask, ‘what can I learn from this or what can I make out of this?’
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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