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Today’s church really needs help and I don’t think many of its leaders see the need to get that help. The help should begin from redefining the roles of the church to the people and setting the priorities right to know which should come first. If the church, and in this case I am referring to the leaders and those saddled with the calling not those who called themselves to plant or grow churches, refuses to reprioritize we will miss the focus. Once the focus is lost then the enemy has won and all our efforts are in vain.
Let me say clearly that the most important responsibility of the church is the preservation of as many souls as possible. We have a calling to lead people to Christ and help them remain in the fellowship with him. Their souls must be nourished constantly and they need to be prepared for the second coming of the Lord.
Before the second coming, the people have to remain here on earth and work so they must have some form of relevance here on earth. That is where the church has another role. It is important for the church to teach its people how to be relevant to their community and in their generation. Many churches have also failed in this regard since they are also not relevant to their community.
The Bible definitely talks about prosperity and it is obvious God wants to bless his people. so we have a responsibility to show the people how to get blessed strictly by God’s laid down legal means. If we do not teach them how to do this then they will try the worldly and corrupt way of getting blessed.
The only unfortunate thing is that the church has neglected, in so many instances, its major role of leading people to God and preserving their souls. It is now focusing on the other responsibilities of helping them to prosper and other things like that.
Don’t get it wrong. There is nothing wrong in teaching prosperity. But it is not the major message of the church. It is not the most important message of the church. Isn’t that why the Bible says ‘what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?’ Mathew 16:26.
Let us all remember that the soul winning and preservation for the harvest of our Lord Jesus in his second coming is the most important responsibility of the church. We can teach them to become wealthy but it will only be nice if they can pay their way to heaven. Unfortunately you and I know no one will be able to pay his way to heaven.
We have to come back to our main roles. Should the church develop its people? Yes the church should do that. Should the church teach the people how to make money? Yes, I am in support of that. Can we teach Biblical prosperity? That sounds great but we should have platforms created separately for such. We should not turn the church solely to business schools or coaching academy where we teach things that only help the people here on earth but cannot take them to heaven.
If you teach or lead a congregation, always ask if what you are teaching aligns with the primary role of the church before you teach and after you have taught. Caution is needed so that we who are to preserve the souls don’t end up killing the souls.

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