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Do you want to grow in life? Would you like to see your activities become really productive rather than just consuming time? Have you been going around trying to figure out what to do? I am sure you want to know what some other great people have done to make it in life. Well, you have just stumbled on the right thing to read right now!
In January and early February of 2014, I met with two of my mentors who shared some powerful insights and also reminded me of things that I knew before now. They both passed across a message that shared a similar acronym (GROW) and they probably haven’t met each other. This will be of immense benefit to you if you can make use of the given model and try to apply them to you activities.
As I sat and listened to the first mentor, he asked ‘do you remember the GROW model?’ ‘I have heard about it,’ I answered. He then took his time to write using a pencil and taking me through them one after the other. After that short but remarkable session, I took some time out to study on my own and to see how it could work for me.
I will share the first acronym for GROW today and that is the GROW model which can be explained like this:
G – Goals. This is your end point in mind. Where you are going or what you want to achieve. It is the picture that you have created in your mind that probably says what you will do or become. You may want to become a big entrepreneur or doctor in life.
R – Realities. Your reality is the picture of things at the moment. Where you are right now. What the situation says. The reality might be that there is no big entrepreneur around you yet. The reality might also be that people in the environment will only celebrate and recognize people with white collar jobs. The reality of the one who wants to become a doctor might be that he or she has to travel far to get a good medical school.
O – Obstacles. Obstacles are those things standing in the way of getting to the goals. For anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur, parental influence might be an obstacle in a community where only white collar jobs are appreciated. In some other cases it might simply be lack of funds for the aspiring doctor.
Options – Options are the things or choices open to the person so as to get to the given goals. For that aspiring entrepreneur, one option could be to try and convince the parents so that they do remain as obstacles. The other might be to start small rather than thinking of big capital. One other option is to also look for a mentor or a coach from whom he or she can learn how to do business. The aspiring doctor might solicit sponsorship from other relatives or scholarship from schools.
W – Way forward. You always have to think about the way forward rather than thinking about your challenges. That is the only way you can become really productive. Way forward for the aspiring entrepreneur might be to save a little from parent’s allowances and also learn how to do business then start small. You must not sit and just think of your realities and obstacles without thinking about your options. When you think of options open to you then you act and that becomes a way forward.
What this simply means is that if you will become productive or great in life, you must have Goals. After the goals your Realities must be put to considerations. Look out for Obstacles and your Options then ask what is the Way forward. By doing that and trying to apply this to your life, you will be able to GROW.
Another way you can make use of this effective is to do this:
G – What are my goals? Write them down in order to be clear.
R – what are the realities facing me right now?
O – are there obstacles I should expect?
O – Options will help so what are my options?
W – What is the way forward so that I can move on in life.
Apply this to what you have to do and I am sure you will grow in life.

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