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One of the most terrible issues in the twenty first century is the fact that begging has been institutionalized and you just come across volunteers in the institution of begging everywhere you go from shopping malls to offices and even churches. The ones on the streets cannot be counted and many more seem to be volunteering to join the league of beggars on daily basis.
I have been embarrassed on several occasions by people who close in on me on pedestrian walk ways acting like they don’t know where they are going and they are seeking direction. Some of them even start by asking you which bus to board and when you tell them the next thing they do is to ask you for money. This is not an uncommon experience in the church as well. I have had people seating next to me in church begging for money or people walking out of church with me asking me to assist them because they are going somewhere far.
Each time I look into these people’s faces, one clear thing is that they are able bodies men who can work with both hands and have no justifiable reason to beg but have chosen to beg. Some of them are people who should sit down and think about what to do as a business or volunteer to be casual workers in some factories rather than begging money on the streets.
I really will not be able to say this is the good reason this people have that justifies their begging but I must say that begging begins from the mind just as prosperity begins from the mind. If there is abundance in your mind then you will always think of what to do in order to make your abundance a reality and when there is scarcity in your mind you will also manifest the scarcity by begging.
Let me make a few things clear in specific points:
1. Begging does not give you wealth.
2. Begging reduces your value.
3. People get tired of beggars and beggars will soon lose friends
4. When you have genuine things to say people will doubt because they know you beg.
5. Begging weakens your mind.
6. It is wrong to think that when money is not coming then you have to beg.
Some of the people who beg always try to make you feel sorry for them by telling you they have come from a far place. The last person that came to me when I decided to write this article was asking for money to get to a location and in my mind I was asking, ‘why can’t you walk to the place?’ I was able to say that because I have been in situations where I didn’t have money and I needed to be on television programmes but I did not beg. I used to set out of my house knowing so well that it was a two hour journey on foot to the tv station and I walked two hours to the station and another two hours back from the station. I did this more than four times because I did not have money and I would never beg.
The irony of the situation is that there were times when some of these beggars came to me and the truth is that I had no money on me but I was properly dressed and still carried myself well. If you have been begging you need to stop. When you start begging or if you have started begging you need to know that begging will leave you worse than it met you.
Here’s what you should know:
1. You should stop begging and start using your mind.
2. Money will only be attracted when you have something to offer
3. People listen to men who have ideas but despise beggars.
4. Those who have money are those who once had ideas.
It will not matter what you have gone through. If you have to go up in life you can never do that by begging. Remember, money is never attracted by beggars but by those who have ideas! Stop begging and start using your mind because begging weakens your mind!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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