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If I heard from someone that money has wings, I would have thought that the person was just trying to create a memorable quote out of his personal experiences. But I actually saw this in the Bible so it must be really true that money has wings and therefore can fly away.
It is the experience of many, if not all, that at one point or the other you make some money and you can’t tell how it all disappeared. You have started taking notes and you tried really hard to remember all that you did with the money that seems to have flown away. Not much success has been recorded because what you remembered is less than a quarter of what you did with the money.
In fact, if you are like my wife, she would ask herself if she had misplaced some amount of the money she had with her. Many others might be able to make a complete list of all that they did with the money in their hands but still end up wondering why they had so much money and it seems not to help them achieve much.
On daily basis, people have different experiences with money and that makes them agree that money truly has wings and can fly away. If you have ever handled some huge sum and don’t have it anymore, you will also be saying it is true that money flies away. It is even more serious when you try to see any tangible thing that you have done and there is none.
I used to say ‘but I didn’t buy frivolous things or spend lavishly.’ Many others will say the same thing and a lot of people will even say, ‘I haven’t bought a piece of cloth in the last five years.’ So what’s the tangible thing that I have done with my money and how come I can’t even account for the money I have spent?
Now that leaves us with two questions and they are:
Does money really fly away?
If money truly flies away, how can one stop it from flying away?
I think that the answer to the first question is pretty simple. Nearly everyone will agree that money flies away. I also agree with all those who believe that money has wings and can disappear.
The second question is what seems a bit complex for many. I believe that there are so many simple things that you can do just to ensure that money does not fly away without your consent. Apart from flying with your consent, you also determine where it can fly to and where it cannot fly to.
How to stop your money from flying away
There several things you can do in order to stop your money from flying away but I will start with the really simple ones that may also surmmarise all the possible reasons your money is flying away.
Have a financial plan – Nearly everyone who is complaining that their money flies away does not have a financial plan. I have spoken to people severally and ask them what they would not if they got a certain amount. The typical dump response I get is, ‘let the money come before I know what to do.’ If you always want your money to come before you know what to do with it then you are the one giving wings to your money to fly. You must have a plan before the money comes. With a plan, it is easy to spend money productively.
Have a list for what you spend money on – I guess you will ask why you need to list what you spend money on if you already have a plan? Many people don’t realise what they are spending money on and only a list showing what they spend money on will help them. If a magic were to happen and the magic will present to you a daily list of what you spent your money on, you might be shocked. That will then help you see what you have been wasting money on and help you decide the right things to put your money into. Some people don’t know that they spend too much on making phone calls that are not necessary. Others don’t realise it is junk foods or travels to places you will not gain much from.
Create a spending limit – One easy way out of trouble is for you to create a spending limit. This may sound like you are restricting yourself but you must do that if you don’t want to get into a crisis. You have to create a spending limit and if you do, you will always have something to fall back on when you need it the most. To go beyond your spending limit, it must be an emergency or a life threatening situation that you are faced with.
If you take on these three seemingly simple steps, you will be shocked that your money may have lost its capacity to fly the way it used to. Now you are more in control. 

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