Money issues should not drive you apart | Fola Daniel Adelesi

When you become married or if you have been married for a while, you’ll be tempted to agree with the popular statement that says, ‘no finance no romance.’ That is the reality in many homes. When there is no money, you can’t even go mushy-mushy on yourselves as a couple because one partner is mostly like thinking more about the unpaid bills. While the issue of money is serious, you should never let it come between you and your partner.
Many married couples will have ups and downs financially. There are only a few couples in the entire world that will never have money issues all through their marriage. Bearing that in mind, it is important to brace up and prepare for how your partner reacts when there is no money. As for men, they’re likely to react or become a bit aggressive whenever there is no money in their pockets or bank accounts. The ladies can be moody or just worried.
You should have a plan that you work towards for your financial independence as a couple. You can agree on what to save together if you both have jobs so that you can start a new business or think about other ways to raise money so that you can be financially independent.
While you’re working at that, you have a wife or a husband to love. You can’t wait until you have the money you want in life to love your spouse. If you do, it may actually be proof that you do not even love that spouse of your. That’s because your love should not be determined by lack of or presence of money in your relationship.
You must understand how to relate with yourselves and not overreact against each other just because you don’t have money. Sometimes, women put their husbands under undue pressure just because of money. Some couples may not have a lot but with some planning, they will be okay. Despite that, they just want to be like other people. They want to drive the car that their family friends are driving. They want to visit the countries their friends are visiting despite not being able to afford that vacation.
Some couples want to live in some parts of the country that they cannot afford because their friends and colleagues live there. That puts their finance under pressure and when their finance is under pressure, the marriage comes under pressure.
When you have challenges and obligations ahead of you and you refuse to spend time bonding, the way you go about the resolution of the challenges or meeting the obligations can make or break your relationships.
You need to build enough capacity in your marriage to ensure that in the low moments when money is the issue, you stick together to find a solution rather than fight yourselves because of the money that you both do not have.
I understand that some couples fight themselves because they think one partner is not open enough. Some partners are not happy because they have no idea how much their partners are earning. This issues does not come with a simple answer but it also an issue that you can resolve without fighting. The place to begin is to know why your partner does not want to disclose his or her income. Could it be that you’re not discreet with information? Could it also be that you are a spendthrift?
Whatever the issues are, you should always remember that your partner is more important than the money you both have or not. Money can come and go but you will be together for a longer period. Money may even be there permanently but it will not guarantee happiness. You both should love each other beyond money and ensure money never determines how you love yourselves.

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