More than Common Sense – Fola Daniel Adelesi

The difference between mad men and ordinary men is common sense so the difference between ordinary men and outstanding men cannot be common sense. If anybody asks you to use your common sense they are simply saying you are already operating below the minimum level required of a normal human being to think. So they expect you to upgrade.
One of the biggest problems in the society today is that it pretends not to have a problem and those who manage to admit that there is a problem say that the problem requires common sense. I will not argue with you if you choose to say that a problem requires common sense but how come a problem requires only common sense and it has lingered on for more than ten years without the common sense forth coming?
Friends to survive here on earth you need more than common sense because if all you need is common sense you will not have the health problems that you have. If all you need is common sense you obviously don’t need a doctor to treat you. If all you need is common sense you shouldn’t have financial problems. If all you need is common sense you should not be wondering how your last pay cheque vanished with no tangible thing on ground to show for the staggering figures on it. If all you need is common sense you should not in any way be failing in school. Do you ever ponder on why people seat for professional exams over and over again when others would have long passed the same professional exams? If all that was needed is common sense then they should have passed their professional exams at once since they are expected to be professionals in that field before qualifying to write a professional exam.
You should think about why some people make little money or not as much as you make monthly and they already have a home but you don’t have one! Does common sense explain that? Now I know you will want to say it is because you didn’t spend your money properly but if all you needed was common sense then you should have known that from the beginning there is the need to plan for your house.
There are so many people who are dying on daily basis and the reason they are dying faster and faster is because they taught all they ever needed was common sense. If you take a good look at the men who have done amazingly well in their chosen field then you will realize that you need more than common sense because these were all men who admitted to something more than common sense. Napoleon Hill was a man who wrote the book “Think and Grow Rich.” While reading the book you will admit that one of the things he emphasized was mediation. In order words he is saying that it does not take common sense to be rich. To have common sense is to know that when an object faces you and threatens to hit your eyes you have to dodge it. You don’t have to think about that because your body was wired by God to sense danger and to take the right action without having to think too much about it. Your eye lids will naturally close when an object is coming too close but you don’t have to think about that! The reason you are able to read this article is that you already have common sense. The reason some people live on the street and do the least expected is that they are thinking up side down and their common sense is not in place.
The difference between mad men and ordinary men is common sense so the difference between ordinary men and outstanding men cannot be common sense. It has to be divine sense. Dr. David Oyedepo said, ‘common sense will only produce common results.’ I want you to know that if you must stand out your sense must stand out.
You cannot be seating while your sense is standing! To be out standing your sense must constantly be standing. The extent to which a man succeeds depends invariably and correspondingly to the rareness of the sense that he carries.
You need common sense to be reckoned with as a human being but it is not common sense that will put you in the memories of people or in the Guinness book of world records. The manifestation of common sense will help us to identify you as a male or a female but we need to see the manifestation of more than an ordinary sense to begin to consult you. You will never become a consultant in any field just with common sense and if perchance you become a consultant you will be a replica of calamity personified to take charge of the issues challenging your clients.
Imagine if your medical consultant has decided to operate with common sense in his field all those who consult him are already “gunners.” He should be referred to as a death consultant and not a medical consultant. If you must shine in life your sense must be a shinning sense. The only reason the star stands out in the sky is because it shines. There are so many objects in the sky that we cannot see and there are some that we see but don’t pay attention to because the star outshines all of them. The only reason you reckon with the sun is because it shines and when it shines you can feel its effect. When the sun shines you can’t neglect it. So you must understand that to shine up to that level where no one can pretend not to see your results you need more than common sense.
Common sense will tell you to eat because you are hungry and common sense will tell you to wear clothes because you are naked. When people greet you all you need to respond to their greeting is the sense that has become a part of you and that is simply common sense. When people ask you questions it takes only common sense to answer but the questions of life cannot be answered using common sense. When life throws you a question you will have to consult divine sense because what is from above is above all.
In every sphere of life the things that have been outstanding are the things that have come by divine sense and this statement is backed up by the fact that every good and perfect gift is from above. I am not sure that anybody with ordinary common sense has ever emerged as an inventor. How you explain the way a mobile phone works that you pick a device and you press some buttons. The next minute you will hear some sounds and somebody you cannot see starts talking to you. It is not that you will not see this person alone but this person can be thousands of miles away from where you are. It was not common sense that did that!
I was flying recently and shortly before the plane took off there was a routine check and repetition of instructions so the instructor said we were flying at 28, 000 feet. Does it require common sense for hundreds of people to enter a big balloon and say that they are going somewhere when there is no road in the air? If you have been traveling by air have you ever seen a tarred road in the middle of the sky? Was there any time you saw a traffic warden or a community police asking the pilot to pull over because his speed was too much? If that sounds out of place let me ask you a more reasonable question. Since you have been flying have you ever seen sign posts or bill boards in the sky demarcating the streets and telling you how many kilometers you have left? How then does the pilot know where he is going to? Now I know you will say he uses a compass but is there common sense in what the compass looks like when compared to what it does? It is more than common sense and because the Wright brothers were able to access the sense needed to provide solution to the challenge of moving in the air we will never forget them.
I studied mass communication and in the first year I was in a class where all the students were taught Traditional African Communication. The essence of the class was to help everyone appreciate the beauty of communication with African symbols and signs, spoken and written codes. At a level the lecturer made reference to what he called “extra mundane communication.” I think they call it mundane because they cannot see the sense in it but what it meant was that it is a process in which human beings communicate with another being that is perceived to be a superior usually when there are challenges they cannot solve. To them it is extra mundane but that was what I referred to as consulting divine sense.
There is no one who has consulted divine sense that has not become relevant here on earth. With common sense you are only one of the numerous people living on planet earth because everyone is expected to have a common sense. With divine sense that I have also referred to as a rare sense earlier you become relevant on earth and you become a point of reference. There are certain things that we do today simply because some people said those are the things that should be done and we do them at a standard. They didn’t only tell us what to do they also gave a standard. The reason some of those standards are acceptable is because they did not emanate from common sense.
So many people have tried to describe life using so many words and they have also used so many metaphors because they don’t really know how to explain the fact that they now know that life is beyond common sense. Bill Gates never invented the computer. He only provided a solution using the computer but he became the richest man in the world for several years consecutively by doing something the people who built computers could not see. It was not common sense that took him to that level. It had to be a rare sense that is not accessible anywhere in this world and, at the time he discovered the secret, anywhere in any book.
The sense of Aithophel or his counsel in Biblical history had to be divine sense because the records have it that he spoke as if the oracle had spoken. He spoke as if it was a divine being that was speaking. In order words the destiny of an entire nation depended on him. What else can the nation do if the king of the nation does not know what to do if this man had spoken? He was not ordering the king around but the king also did not refuse what he said.
When this man turned against the king the king knew immediately that no common sense can save him. He knew that he had to engage a higher frequency of divine sense to win the battle so he offered a simple prayer by the inspiration of divine sense. He opened his mouth and said God turn his divine sense to common sense. When his divine sense turned into common sense he had to hang himself because he could not withstand the shame.
Whenever people say to you that this is common sense then they are pointing at something. When they say common sense is no longer common they are trying to hit a point. If anybody asks you to use your common sense they are simply saying you are already operating below the minimum level required of a normal human being to think. Your level of thinking has gone to sub-zero or minus zero (-0) if someone is saying, ‘can’t you use your common sense?’ The reason is because if it is common you don’t need to remind people to use it, do you?

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