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There’s not much that anyone can do without motivation so we all truly need motivation to succeed in all our endeavour. You also need to realize that the motivation you offer other people might just be all that they need to get to the next level. They may not need all the money you have to offer. You may have some connection and the people around you or your subordinates may never need all your connections. They may just need one word from you to spur them on! To you it may not mean much but I have come to realize that a lot of people who say they have some key players in their lives who have helped them to succeed are simply referring to those who offered them some form of motivation. Motivation is a force and it keeps people going in places where they ordinarily would not venture into anything.
Take a look at the lives of the people in the sporting world. What does a coach offer the athlete or basket ball player or the football player other than motivation? If you take a look at their coaching sessions, you will realize that the major thing the coach is doing is to motivate the people to bring out what they already have in them. Even though we talk about great team players and we also mention some great coaches. I have not seen that coach who is able to put abilities into a player where the abilities don’t exist in the player. Despite the presence of the ability in so many people, they will need motivation for those abilities to be displayed.
You may not be the physical coach in the sporting world for some great players but you are also a coach. Your voice is what someone needs to succeed! They just need to hear from you and they will be willing to forge ahead regardless of the challenges they can see in front of them. You will never know how much some people look up to you and how your words really count in their lives. Don’t hold back your words. Don’t hesitate to offer good admonition to someone around you who needs it. When you see someone who’s looking really down, you can walk up to the person and tell him or her everything is going to be alright. You never know, you just might be stopping someone from committing suicide!
When you are in your office, motivate other colleagues to succeed. Motivate your subordinates to succeed. Don’t talk down at them. You should never think that you don’t need anything from them and there’s no point trying to relate with them or having any meaningful conversation with them. You also need to realize that the motivation here is not necessarily about delivering a fine inspirational speech. You don’t have to spend several nights preparing for one great speech that will provoke the thoughts of everyone and shake the entire building. It could just be as simple as a line or two and it will do the trick.
Just let someone know that they are on the right track and if they continue they will succeed. If you have been in their shoes before, share your experience with them. Let them know how you felt and what you went through. Tell them what you did or what got you out of trouble. People are always moved when they hear the stories of other people who have gone through what they are going through.
Don’t try to clip the wings of young people you have noticed who seem to have a lot of potentials. Rather than bring them down, help them fly higher in life. Let them know the dos and don’t s of being a very talented person who needs to work in a hostile environment.
Motivation is a wine for the soul just as oil is to the engine. Offer it as often as you can to people around you and be the reason someone else will be willing to forge ahead in life rather than giving up.
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