My challenge as an entrepreneur (1) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have had series of challenges as an entrepreneur but I really thought about sharing some of these challenges so that they can be useful to you and posterity. All that glitters is not gold is a statement you must have heard before but it is alright if you are hearing it for the first time today.


When I was about to finish from high school my dad bought me a complete computer system and till date I see that gift as the most prized possession he could have given to me in hi life time. Every other thing I have gotten from him has not mattered to me as much has the computer has. It was even bought at a time when my purpose in life was not very clear to him and he didn’t know what I was planning to do with myself after leaving high school. Yes I wanted to go to the university but I had an in depth yearning for something much more than a university degree. I wanted a kind of satisfaction that only fulfillment of purpose could provide. Not before long I got used to the computer and every monetary gift I had accompanied the purpose of the computer which at the time was not known to my father.


He taught he had bought a computer I could just use to develop myself and be more employable by the society. To a great extent he was mistaken. While he was seeing a more employable person I was seeing a person developing so much to employ more people and desperately impacting lives positively in every continent. I guess that it was the difference in vision – my father’s motive for the computer and my own interpretation of the use of this great gift – that made my father and I clash on some occasions.    


Whenever he gave me my weekly or monthly allowance, I would use the allowance to print articles I had written. I would make photocopies and distribute in fellowships, schools, organizations and even on the street to anyone who paid attention. He frowned at the fact that the money was for food and not for printing. He expressed his annoyance over and over again for the fact that I was focused on printing articles that could change people’s lives but he regarded the printing I was doing as waste of time and waste of resources. He had this very authoritative voice so he didn’t have to smack you for doing something he didn’t like all the time. His voice could easily penetrate your spine from a distance. I revered him and would not disobey him most times but the only thing I wouldn’t give up among the many things he didn’t want me to do was to stop writing and printing articles that could change people’s lives.


These articles that were written by a 17 year old at that that time were changing some lives that got it. That kept me going against all odds. It was not that my father didn’t like what I was doing but he appreciated a combination of energetic work and mental work while emphasis was on energy. I knew my body make up so I only appreciated mental work. If I have my way I would pay for anything that cannot be carried out with the brain so that I can concentrate on using my brain. –           to be continued!         +234 703 790 7851  

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