My challenge as an entrepreneur (11) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

One other thing that gave me a little headache was my bulletin. Like I had always done, my allowance from home was a capital for the next thing on my mind. This time I wanted to publish a bulleting. I had written several articles and wanted to start publishing them one after the other. It was a good idea more especially because I was among a lot of young people who in all sincerity did not know what to do with themselves. They looked so intelligent but I will say that was because they were getting good grades. As for me you cannot use good grades as the parameter for intelligence because anybody can garbage in and garbage out to get the good grades.
I waited for another allowance to come but while it was coming I had negotiated with a printer who was to do the printing. I had initially searched the entire town effortless to get a printer. The problem was that there were no sign posts to tell me where they were but I desperately needed them for the idea I was trying to execute. Eventually I found a sign post on a building with an old architectural design where a tailor was doing her business. I wondered how a printing sign post got to the tailor’s shop but later found out that the tailor was the printer’s wife. I approached him and discussed the idea with him. He wanted the job so he promised heaven and earth. I looked forward to the job because I had given him specifications for then job.
When I was giving out the materials needed for production I had specified that I wanted two columns, some quotes on the front page and an advert space at the back. He didn’t meet up with the time he gave as delivery time. For me I was get uneasy when people give me time and don’t keep to time. If you can’t meet up with the time then you should not have given it in the first place. It was a suspense packed moment for me because I could barely sleep until the bulletin was finally ready.
The bulletin did not come alone when it was coming from the press. It came with a shocker! I looked at the printer and was stock for words. I managed to say thank you for the job delivered. He had changed my specification and that was one thing that can make anybody get on my nerves. When I give specifications it is because I have a picture in mind and I want to replicate the picture, not the picture on the printer’s mind. The job that should have been a double column was done in a single column. My digital picture was messed up because it was blurred and it looked more like a painting than a picture taken with a digital camera. The font size was a little too big for that size of bulletin and the advert space he left at the back could only contain a sentence! The bulletin was again printed in blue, though I do not remember specifying colours for him. It was more of a tragedy than a bulletin. I could not sell a quarter of what was produced. I gave out more copies of the bulletin. At a time I became ashamed to give it out. I still have several copies of that bulletin in my office today – for history you know!
… to be continued.

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