My challenge as an entrepreneur (16) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Despite all the problems I was encountering with all of my conferences I did not just give up and I must confess that giving up was the last thing on my mind. I even think and would say to people that the right time to give up is when you have succeeded with what you are doing because you would not need to give up at that time.
After the first and the second conferences I still organized more conferences and still ran into debts not because I deliberately went out to borrow money but that the whole programme did not go according plan. One of the things I did was to review my publicity strategy and I discovered that my publicity strategy was not the issue. You really need to know that I fasted and prayed for some of those meetings and they still turned out to be what they were. At some point I noticed that one of the challenges was that the people had a wrong value system because I had to evaluate some of the other programmes that were going on in town. I took a good look at the organizers and the purpose of the programmes.
It was so obvious that the people’s attendance in party related programmes doubled attendance in programmes that had to do with human capacity building. In some other cases I would say that these things were happening because everybody needs to go through a process so it was my time to go through a process of success. I have not seen anybody who gathers millions of people in open fields today who did not begin with a gathering of two, three or four. As a matter of fact somebody like Bishop David Oyedepo would say that he started his church with three and a half people. Whenever people wondered why it was three and a half he would tell them it was half because the attendance of the fourth person was not guaranteed so he was regarded as half.
One of the things I had on mind was to go with my alternative plans. I had several other packages for human capacity building and one of them included partnering with organizations and conferences to equip their members. I sent out several letters and like you would expect some people did not just pay attention to my letter until I began to make phone calls. Sometimes I had to go to those offices again and again. Some of them would look at you and you could tell they simply did not want to give you a chance because they don’t know if you can deliver.
Some people tried me out and they were more than amazed after the delivery. Partnering with organizations and churches paid off for me because I didn’t run into debt. It was also easier to gather the crowd. The organizations or churches had the crowd, the venue, the generator and would fuel it. They sometimes did not need to print any handbills because an announcement would do. All I needed to do was to go in there and speak. This was a lot easier for me but it was not a substitute for my conferences. I continued with the partnership because it was originally part of the package. So I did not use it as a bail out plan. There is no way my conferences can be restructured to fit into the programmes of another organization especially because we are running with two different visions.
… to be continued.

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