My challenge as an entrepreneur (18) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Well I did not forfeit my studentship because someone temporarily bailed me out. In all of the situations I would say to you that money never scared me. It was a simple issue for me. There was no amount of money I spent that I could not earn. What I mean is that I had created products and services there were worth much more than whatever I was collecting from anybody so my debt was the kind of debt that you would call leverage because they were primarily to keep things running. I never borrowed to eat and in so many cases I did not deliberately borrow. Things just didn’t work according to plan so they turned out to be debts.
One of the ways in which I repaid my debts was by using the income from the products and services I had created. For example in 2005 I bought a newspaper on a Saturday in the month of June. While going through the paper I saw an advertisement from Yoruba Tennis Club, USA. All I needed to do was to write an essay to be a beneficiary of the scholarship that was being advertised! Writing that, for me, was a very simple thing to do. I had written several essays and had gotten certificates for those essays. As I write this I have two certificates from Goi Peace Foundation, Tokyo, Japan for essays written in 2004 and 2007 respectively. I have another from Kharis Awards, Ogun varsity Christian fellowship and some others. As a matter of fact, certificates are part of the interior decoration in my office to day. I wrote in for the Yoruba Tennis Club and posted my essay to US as requested. The postal service was supposed to cost about two hundred and fifty naira (N250) at that time but I remember I didn’t have all that money. I didn’t even have enough money to go to the post office so it was my vice president, Adeyemi Johnson Awobayo, who helped with the posting.
By January of the following year (2006) I walked into an auditorium only for me to realize that someone had been looking for me. I did not know why but it had something to do with my essay. Don’t let me bore you, the essay for which I did not have two hundred and fifty naira (N250) had fetched me twenty thousand naira (N20, 000). Another funny issue was that I had to make a series of phone calls to know who was holding unto the cheque. When I found out who was holding unto the cheque and where he lived, I didn’t have enough money to go to his house and return to my destination. Some how I could not get the required money but trust me! I didn’t sit down and hope for the money. I went to the man’s house to get my cheque but could not cash it because it was a Saturday and the banks don’t work on Saturdays. It was even a crossed cheque and I didn’t have a current account at the time.
When I was returning to my destination I begged the driver of the bus to bear with me that I didn’t have enough money. He did! I had to borrow some stipends to be able to get to the bank and sort the money. The bank where I was running my savings account was so blind that all they could see was a student who had a cheque and not a young entrepreneur. They told me that they do not allow students to run current accounts. I was mad! I made more enquiries and took my leaflet to another bank. They gladly took it from me an in no time the account was running. So it was a pay cheque from an essay that opened my first current account. …to be continued.

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