My challenge as an entrepreneur (19) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Before the new bank had agreed to open a current account for me, I had been to that bank over and over again trying to talk the branch manager into one project or the other. I went to that bank on several occasions and got several, “I’m sorry, no response yet.” At a time I felt there was kind of immunity inside of me and that immunity was against giving up. I just had more than enough passion to keep running even in the most discouraging situations. I was so convinced that my ideas were unique so I knew that the problem was not with the packaging of the idea.
Let me say to you that despite all the “NOs” that I got from my bankers, I was building a rapport with them. My relationship was only further strengthened when I went to open an account with them. I remember the manager once strategically turned me off at a time when she asked if I had an account with them. I didn’t but just believed that they could still help if they bought into the vision. I didn’t think that they really had to wait for me to open that account before supporting my vision. Even after opening the account they still did not get down with my projects but one thing their refusals did to me was to keep working and to keep tasking my brain. Today I teach people how to raise capital for businesses not because I read up some information somewhere but because I had been turned down over and over again and still succeeded with the projects.
My doggedness and passion for doing things as seen by the banker eventually paid off. I was meeting nearly every new account officer and every new person in their marketing section. As I was meeting them I was building my rapport and was also getting very vital information form them. I learnt a lot about how bankers relate the young entrepreneurs and how they did with the already established ones. I also found out how banks could give organizations money even when some of those organizations still owed the banks. I learnt the importance of figures and not physical cash. Above all, I learnt about the weight of recognition because it is not a joke to get a banker’s recommendation. You could be in for a great time if your banker believes in you well enough to be able to recommend you concerning monetary issues.
At a time when I needed to sort some of my projects the bank was able to give me an overdraft to get them sorted but do not forget that I had been in a relationship with the bankers for nearly four years and consistency of character was not against me in the weights and balances.
At the time I took the overdraft, a university owed me 40 percent of the overdraft and at seven days to go they had not paid! Never panic is one of my personal slogans in business. If you don’t then you will realize that it is easier to get your solution. Panicking makes your solution look elusive. For this reason I have learnt to always remain calm no matter how serious cases seem to be to other people. There is a lot of strength in being calm and not in talking when you are trying to figure out what to do.
… to be continued.

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