My challenge as an entrepreneur (2) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I was and still remain a very restless person but I must say that I am purposefully restless. I never fold my arms and wait for things to happen. When people are asking why things are not happening I always think about what I can do. One of the things that I think is wrong with the youth of today is that they do not know how to channel their restlessness and inability to channel your restlessness will make you a disaster to your generation rather than being an asset.
Even when it looked liked I was moving too fast with some things I always knew that I was moving fast in the right direction. I knew my passion was not an unnecessary obsession for some out of this world issues that will take me no where. I was fully resident in my parents’ house and I was boiling with several ideas that will literally dispense millions upon millions. I could not share some of these ideas because I simply sounded like an unrealistic optimist. At other times I knew their minds were not developed enough to comprehend the ideas I wanted to share so I always looked for another person who could understand the ideas I wanted to share. Let me use this opportunity to warn parents who do not listen to the ideas of their children simply because they think the children are merely optimistic. When a man carries fire for something he will go to any length to get the things done. If he does not get the required attention at home he will go for it anywhere. The problem here is that when the right counsel is not given at home the wrong counsel could be given elsewhere. That is what you sometimes get for not believing in the dreams of your children. I may suggest to you that you get a counselor for your children if you do not know much about the filed of their dreams
A lot of times because our parents do not know much about the field their children passionately desire to go into, they simply condemn the field, lord another over them and eventually kill their destinies. When this happens the children only end up living a desired destiny pictured by the parents. The parents’ desired destiny, I make bold to say, can never be anywhere around the original predestination of any child so parents should simply guide their children into destiny and not out of destiny.
There were a number of times I was denied the opportunity to run with my passion. My parents taught I was too young. Every time they taught I was too young I always taught about something. They would always tell you stories about how they did some challenging things before they were your age. They will say this to you over and over again but will never let you off their apron string. That was one of the things I hated the most about being a young entrepreneur.
I had a number of things I wanted to do. I had a number of people I could talk to. One advantage in my favour was that I was young and a number of people wanted to listen to me but my parents did not understand that youthfulness was an advantage for entrepreneurs. I could make my mistakes early enough and learn in the secret without any fear of being disdained. I was not yet conscious of any social status so it was the best time to get things done, slump as many as possible times and get going.
… to be continued.

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