My challenge as an entrepreneur (20) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I told you that a university owed me 40 percent of the overdraft the bank had given so I am sure you want to know where I got the remaining 60 percent. The 40 percent that the university was supposed to pay did not get to me until the very last day that the overdraft was to expire. Before you say thank God let me say to you that I was already in another state trying to get approval for the 60 percent left when the cheque for the forty percent was issued.
There was no way I could make it back to town before the bank would close. I had no one I could call for assistance so that the bank would at least see that a part payment was made. I became a little restless but was in Lagos to defend a proposal from which I was going to get the remaining money. I wanted that money paid that day. When finished defending the proposal I got an approval for the proposal. My bills were approved and I was asked to print everything for the boss. I felt a great relief but there was another issue on the way.
Just as I dropped copies of the proposal on the desk of the boss, I was asked to return on Monday for the payment! Friday was the deadline for my overdraft! My banker was waiting for me. I rushed bank to town and just as I was returning to town I got a sarcastic call from the banker. There was no money in my account but he said, ‘thank you for keeping to our agreement. I have seen the money you paid into the account.’ I didn’t know what he was talking about and could not figure it out until he came out plane. Then I told him that there was a cheque leaf that could serve as part payment. He was a little happy. He requested that I send it immediately. Bank had officially closed by 3pm. I was only able to send in my 40 percent payment by 5pm. By the time I got to the bank the guy in charge of the cheques had registered all so my cheque had to wait till Monday. That was serious for me but I did not spend the whole day thinking about it. I have learnt never to always put pains on my neck. I don’t have to work myself out because I can’t even change things.
I simply calmed down and waited till Monday. When the long awaited Monday came I rushed down to Lagos to get the remaining 60 percent from the client that I had done a proposal for. Thank God he opened the crossed cheque for me so I moved straight to the bank to pay in the money.
It was such a great relief to get out of that though it was almost late. When you plan certain things and even pray about them, let me shock you that they may not still work out at the exact timing you are trying to run with. In those times when it looks like things are not falling into place at the exact time they were anticipated to, you will often realize that patience is a great virtue. Calmness shows that you are strong and a positive mind confessing the opposite of what is seen will reveal your inner man.
You must have heard it said, times without number, that ‘circumstances don’t make men. They only reveal men.’ What you are going through will not necessarily change you. It will make you stronger in the paths you have chosen. …to be continued

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