My challenge as an entrepreneur (23) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

After the first laptop I must say that series of other laptops have shown up for my business purposes. The exit of one usually led to the entrance of another. The exit of the first one which was a generous gift from a kind hearted vice-chancellor was a painful thing for me but I had to look away from it. I am going to talk briefly about it and talk about the other laptops just as they posed their challenges to my business as a public speaker and author who also has audio materials for sale.
If you have been following my series carefully then you must have read about the group I put together to publish the first book and how I also withdrew from the group because some people had divided the group and practically wanted to dictate how it should be run. The first and the most important issue for me is that the leader of the group whose vision is still very clear should be the one dictating the pace. There were unnecessary demands for some of the few things the organization had especially from the people who did not really need. One of the victims of such demands is the laptop.
I also wanted to be generous with it but at the same time I had to guard it jealously so that we could enjoy it for a long time. At this time, there was a distraction because the laptop became a subject matter in our meetings and we were not spending enough time talking and planning for the project on ground.
While this was going on, Edward Wise, a guy I had worked with when he was running Zion Culture, a multimedia outfit, made a reference to something Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa said. He said that when people steal from you, be it your ideas, properties or any other thing, it always look like taking a cup out of the ocean. The ocean does not feel the absence of a cup of water. When he was directing his words to me he told me not to bother because those were people fighting over one thing that my vision generated and that if my vision generated one, it will generate much more than what they are fighting for. That was how I had to forget about the first laptop and I don’t know its custodian as I write.
Some of my computer works had to wait till I was at home where I could use my desktop and others had to be done in cyber cafes. A few months later I put in for a screening exercise where I was finally selected along with another lady, Abosede Abike Dipeolu who I prefer to address as Tosin, to represent the university in the Nigeria International Model United Nations’ Conference which was scheduled to hold in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. We needed a laptop and time was not on our side so the Deputy Registrar for students, Mrs. A.A Odusanya gave us her laptop. After the conference, I got to know her better and our performance during the conference gave the two of us, me and the other participant, easy access to the Directorate of student affairs and some preferential treatments.
Maximizing opportunities had been a part of my vocabulary for a long time so I took advantage of that to collect the Deputy Registrar, Students’ laptop to do a lot of the things I needed to do. Initially the laptop stayed with me overnight and then I graduated into days and into weeks before I graduated into months. I had it for months but something went wrong. When I was to return the laptop it was already developing faults I did not know about. I only taught it was slow and could be formatted to get the best of it again. When it got to the experts they said it was the board! Unknowingly I had been using it on my mattress since my room was my office and the heat the laptop emitted was not escaping. The Deputy Registrar did not hold it against me. She asked me to send it to the engineer for fixing but she paid!

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